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Extend Your CRM: HubSpot Custom Objects Access

Custom objects are literally a template: they provide a way to add a data set where you set the columns and data types, while gaining standard fields from a platform. In turn, this lets you design your own data structure…

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How to Build Connection Into Your Engineering Team

In a recent virtual team happy hour, we played the party game Two Truths and a Lie. For those who haven’t played the game before, the rules are simple: everyone shares two truths about themselves with one lie mixed in.…

lead-to-account matching
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What is Lead-to-Account Matching?

Every business must attract qualified leads to thrive. However, acquiring leads is only the start of the customer journey. Nurturing and offering personalized value to identified leads is what ensures prospective customers convert into paying customers. This is where lead-to-account…

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Introducing Custom Actions: Just-in-Time Logic Extender

Don’t you just hate it when you’re thinking about a problem and you’re not sure of the answer? So you do the most logical thing and open up your browser to Google: “How do I…“. Your query could be “What’s…

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What is Master Data Management?

As companies have evolved, the systems and applications they use have increased in both number and complexity. According to Lucidworks, corporations collect more than 7.5 sextillion gigabytes of data each day (even after regulations such as GDPR and CCPA). But…

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Is second-party data worth it? How partnerships can strengthen your B2B data

Sometimes the best parties are small. No one wants a Cambridge Analytica-level data scandal so we spend a lot of time in the pursuit of good data. So what if, instead of questionable third-party data or unpopular first-party sources, you…

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The top 9 data quality trends of 2021 (so far)

If you’re like me, LinkedIn feels like an echo chamber for unsolicited data quality advice.  It’s as if the scions of data quality such as Thomas Redman—‘The Data Doc’ who literally wrote the book on data interventions—have finally been proven…

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Is first-party data still safe? How to still collect and use it in a privacy obsessed B2B world

First-party data is the data that ruined the party, so to speak—a party that frankly, needed to end. Big companies misusing personal information finally inspired GDPR, CCPA, and now dozens of regulations restricting what firms can collect and keep. Aka,…

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What Is RevOps? A Guide to Revenue Operations for Modern Business

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the new kid in school. Many of us (including those who were recently called “sales operations” or “marketing operations”) are peering into the classroom wondering what all the fuss is about. In this article, I’ll aim…

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Syncari turns two: reflections on helping people regain their trust in data

In January of 2019 I was having lunch with a friend who sat on the board of multiple companies. He confessed something that piqued my interest. Over and over in those board meetings, the sales, marketing, and finance teams would…

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Third-Party Data: Ops Friend or Foe?

What is third-party data? Third-party data is data you purchase from a data broker. Which is to say, it’s not the sort of data you collect yourself. The definition can get a little hazy, but it’s generally taken to mean…

Automate Workflows on Account Entity
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How to automate workflows with complete, trusted data

Workflow automation and robotic process automation are priorities for revenue leaders looking to improve employee productivity, increase GTM efficiency, and drive more predictable revenue growth. Gartner goes so far as to say that automation is now a “condition of survival”…

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Unify and visualize cross-system data in 4 simple steps

“I’m going to build this product in a way that ensures customers can take their data and share it with every other application and data source in their environment without issue.” – said no sane product manager, ever. Got data…

top 10 data enrichment companies in 2021
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The top data enrichment companies right now (2021 update)

If you’re looking for a data enrichment partner, this list is a good place to start. The industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings when you’d file-transfer a .csv to a provider who’d spruce it up and…

Zero Party Data Survey
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Zero-party data: Is it actually useful and should you trust it?

Data is throwing lots of parties these days. And while first-party and third-party data are likely familiar to you, the analyst firm Gartner has coined a new one: zero-party data. At a time where international privacy regulations are popping up…

Syncari graphic stating "Series A financing $17.3 million"
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Letter from the CEO: Announcing Our Series A Funding Round

I am bursting with excitement to announce that Syncari has raised a Series A funding of $17.3 million from a group of leading investors, which will propel our platform growth at scale. At Syncari, our goal is to transform every…

10 Tactical Fixes to Make your Hubspot and Salesforce Integration Work
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10 Fixes to Make Your Hubspot to Salesforce Integration Work

The thing you have to know about HubSpot Salesforce integrations is that not all integrations are built alike. Partly, that is on-purpose. Salesforce is a CRM. HubSpot offers its own CRM. The two exist in a state of coopetition—they’re partners,…

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On Data Governance, Stewards… and Dragons?

Data governance can feel a lot like fighting a three-headed dragon: Every time you lop off one of its heads, two more spring up in its place. If you’ve felt this, you’re not alone. Operations professionals everywhere are battling this…