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Painless Data and
Business Automation

Remove the endless headache of managing multiple uncoordinated point solutions. Syncari is the only full-stack data platform that anyone can use.

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We put your data first

Why do companies still not trust their data? The problem stems from a flawed approach. When you connect and automate your tech stack based on source system requirements, it’s impossible to align your business.

A simple, but powerful shift is needed. When you start from shared data definitions and control for data integrity in every business process, integration and automation, you tame data chaos. This data-first approach wasn’t possible, until now.


Say farewell to sync errors for good

Connect data across all your systems with Syncari’s self-healing Synapses and ensure your data gets to where it needs to be even when your systems are down. Define rules and policies to keep everything in sync as better data emerges so you can focus on your business, not the business of integration.

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A fully-synchronized operational data hub

Explore and interact with cross-system data from a single view. Syncari unifies and transforms records based on common standards and your custom rules, empowering you to filter and edit across systems while keeping everything governed and in sync. Have a favorite BI tool? Instantly visualize data there with Syncari Data Hub.

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Automate workflows visually with trusted data

Eliminate manual tasks by visually composing data automations with event-based triggers and drag-and-drop functions. Automate cross-departmental processes with ready-made templates you can configure to meet your specific needs.

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Optimize data quality continuously

Enrich, augment, aggregate, merge and de-dupe data centrally using drag-and-drop policies and step-by-step guides that help you solve insidious data problems for good. When new data emerges or new systems get connected to Syncari, they’ll inherit these policies automatically.

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Identify what data is fit for use, and fix what isn’t

Assess the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of your unified customer data in aggregate, by system, or by object. Syncari uses intelligent algorithms and your own business logic to provide a data fitness index, a rollup of your data quality complete with recommended actions to improve inputs across every connected system.

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See Syncari in action

Syncari cleans up messy customer views and automates workflows with data you can trust. Curious to see how?