CRM not a single source of truth

Salesforce Shouldn’t Be Your Single Source of Truth – Top 4 Reasons Why

The Dreamforce 2020 keynote has come and gone. While there were some surprises, namely the Slack acquisition and an actual outdoor setting, the top-level narrative was consistent with years past.   You need a single view of your customer / Customer 360  You need a single source of truth (SSOT) for your customer data  Salesforce can…

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“Move Over Old School CFOs”: An Interview With Peter Perrone, AtScale’s Remarkably Data-Driven CFO

Some skill sets age like a fine wine. Others spoil like a carton of milk. If the past decade has been any indication, the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) falls into the latter category. According to a study from Deloitte, only 20% of the value historically created by CFOs is still relevant today.…

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“You Can’t Hit Hypergrowth Without Data Debt”: An Interview With Front CMO Anthony Kennada

Front has all the hallmarks of a tech industry darling. They just closed a $59 million Series C from elite investors including Sequoia Capital. They boast a stacked leadership team of proven tech veterans. They’ve gotten heaps of good press and perfected the elusive flywheel model of growth—consistently adding hundreds of new trial users per…

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“Like Siri For Salespeople”: This VP of Rev Ops Envisions The Fully-Enabled Future of Sales Tech

In October 1999, serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban set the Guiness world record for the single largest ecommerce transaction of all time. His purchase? A luxurious $40 million dollar private jet. This event caused many to speculate that the internet would eventually make salespeople obsolete altogether.  Two decades later, the increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence is…

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From Fine Arts To Fine-Tuning Dashboards: A Conversation With Interimly’s Andrea Wildt

Before she founded the category-creating attribution software Full Circle Insights and before she was CMO at Campaign Monitor, Andrea Wildt was a print-maker. She spent her days designing and transferring intricate patterns onto silk, paper, and wood. It was exactly this sort of forethought and meticulous coordination of disparate systems that primed Andrea to thrive…

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“The Best Work Is Invisible”: Inside The Life of A Data Quality Manager Who’s Crushing It

What do you remember most about the last live theatre show you saw? If you’re like most people, it was likely one ultra-compelling actor, or a song that was stuck in your head for days after. You probably didn’t think of the stage manager once.  If they do their job perfectly, you’ll never know they…

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It’s official, we’ve hit SaaS connector overload

Every day I see another SaaS app go ‘must-have’ viral and I wonder how long the center can hold. When the average midsize startup uses 123 SaaS tools (enterprises use thousands) and 78 percent of organizations are increasing their spend on cloud services, all I can think about are all those messy connections and what…

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How To Preserve Your Data Quality (And Your Sanity) Through A Merger, According To A Revenue Leader Who Aced One

Amy Palmer’s path to marketing leadership was an unconventional one. After four years investigating police misconduct in NYC, she did a stint as a manuscript editor and earned a master’s degree in anthropology before transitioning into demand generation marketing. Today as Head of Revenue Marketing at Autodesk Construction Solutions, Amy attributes her success to her…

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