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Coffee With Customers Ep. 3: Dooly’s Jenna Molby and Product-Led Selling

Sales teams can gain a lot of momentum and traction with product usage data. If a seller knows that multiple people from a given account have signed up to use a product, they know who to talk to and have…

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Introducing Syncari Insights for RevOps Reporting

Businesses have been working to become more data-driven for years now, with mixed results. According to Harvard Business Review, only 26% of organizations report successfully making the leap. And while there are many reasons why, we believe the problem stems from…

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CSVs make the world go ’round

Email was invented in 1971. The comma-separated value format was invented in 1972. We’re still using both of them more than 50 years later. Why? Because they work. CSV files provide a flat representation of the data (the information contained…

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The Single Source of Truth has breathed its last

You would think that by now, the “Single Source of Truth” would be here already. At this point in the history of SaaS, there should be a beautifully streamlined process that makes a single warehouse of integrated information easily accessible,…

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Introducing Syncari Trial Accounts

I’m excited to share that Syncari trial accounts are now available.  For 30 days, you’ll have full access to our full-stack data automation platform where you can: Unify data from across your GTM tech stack (CRM, MAP, billings, CSS, product…

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How to Run a Powerful RevOps GTM Meeting

RevOps is the GTM Connector RevOps touches every aspect of go-to-market — it’s the glue that proactively ties in all stakeholder information and the conduit that aligns teams around a shared goal. They are the collaborative heartbeat of a good…

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Limitations of Data Integration Methods: ETL vs. ELT vs. Reverse ETL

When it comes to integrating and distributing data, your results are only as good as your methods. Unifying and synchronizing data from various sources and systems helps business teams find the best revenue signals and directs them to the most…

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5 Tips for Ops Pros Supporting Hypergrowth Companies

It’s a great feeling to be part of a growing company. Your company found product-market fit, the product is selling like hotcakes, and  (hopefully) you’re having fun doing it.  So you increase revenue and growth goals, hire more humans in…

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How to Create a Lead Scoring Model

Prospecting leads is a great first step in any sales process. Qualifying (or scoring) your leads is how you value and prioritize them to build lasting relationships.  How do you identify and separate high-value leads from potentially low-yielding ones? What…

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Salesforce Deduplication and Beyond: How to Dedupe Leads Across Your Stack

Salesforce deduplication is crucial to successful go-to-market. Cleaning and deduping data are essential processes to ensure your sales and marketing teams are routing leads to the proper accounts and working with the best and most complete version of customer data…

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Sync customers, charges and accounts with Stripe

A common gap in any Customer 360 initiative is data related to billings and payments. The workaround? Reps in sales, support and success either engage customers with incomplete information or they waste precious time playing “telephone tag” with contacts in…

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A Simple Guide to Lead Routing For Marketing and Sales Teams

What is lead routing? Lead routing, also known as lead distribution or assignment, is the process of distributing qualified leads to the best-suited sales representatives in your organization. This means qualifying leads against set criteria and assigning them to the…

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Extend Your CRM: HubSpot Custom Objects Access

Custom objects are literally a template: they provide a way to add a data set where you set the columns and data types, while gaining standard fields from a platform. In turn, this lets you design your own data structure…

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How to Build Connection Into Your Engineering Team

In a recent virtual team happy hour, we played the party game Two Truths and a Lie. For those who haven’t played the game before, the rules are simple: everyone shares two truths about themselves with one lie mixed in.…

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What is Lead-to-Account Matching?

Every business must attract qualified leads to thrive. However, acquiring leads is only the start of the customer journey. Nurturing and offering personalized value to identified leads is what ensures prospective customers convert into paying customers. This is where lead-to-account…