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Full-Funnel Reporting and Analytics

Introducing Syncari Insights

Get a unified, cross-system view into business health. The new Syncari Insights delivers:

  • End-to-end visibility, from leads to renewals
  • Unbiased metrics and reporting
  • Trusted, cross-object and cross-system datasets
  • Self-service analytics
  • Activated insights
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Full Funnel Reporting

Break from the herd

Simplify your stack

The “modern” approach to data and analytics costs $500k+ in data stack tooling and another $500k in resource-constrained data engineering and analytics talent.

Syncari combines all the capabilities you need into one no-code platform, delivering 10x value on your data at 1/10th the cost of DIY approaches.

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Modern Data Viz Stack

What makes Syncari unique

Among a sea of integration, ETL and data tools, Syncari stands alone into a category of itself. Because of its patented stateful sync, there are many functions Syncari performs that are impossible for competitors. See below for what sets Syncari apart.

Integration Tools & iPaaSETL, Reverse ETL and Warehouse
Integration Move data between systems in near-real-time YesYes Yes
Workflow Execute core GTM processes with drag-and-drop tools YesNo Yes
Self-healing Connectors Ensure data gets delivered through API and system outages NoNo Yes
Business Analytics Create and share key signals of GTM program performance NoYes Yes
Unified Records Stitch together fragmented data into a complete view NoYes Yes
Global Deduplication Run dedupe and merge on data that sits within all connected systems NoNo Yes
Stateful, Multi-directional Sync Keep all systems aligned with shared, trusted data NoNo Yes
Governance Define and enforce data standards and policies NoNo Yes
Lineage Trace every data change from source to destination NoNo Yes
Built for B2B Customer Data Connectors, functions and features that support B2B customer acquisition NoNo Yes

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