Signals Activation

Adapt & react immediately to business signals

Turn any field, from any unified system, into a signal to be activated through a custom workflow you design.

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“Because of Syncari, we have immediate access to customer information that helps us identify churn risks and uncover opportunities to expand revenue with our customers.”

Head of Revenue Operations


Turn any field into a signal and activate across your stack, fast.

Identify high-value signals, from first-party intent within product or web, or from third-party sources, and distribute to customer-facing teams across sales, marketing and support.


Listen for changes across all systems and react in the moment.

Maintain a continous feedback loop between sources and destinations by securely connecting to your sales, marketing, customer success, finance, and product data with Syncari’s no-code Synapses.



Develop unified KPIs from multi-system data with powerful scoring capabilities.

Unify metrics from systems across the business and find your north star metrics. No need for data analyst support, time-consuming spreadsheets, or manual reporting.



Automate the mundane and focus on activities that move the needle where it counts.

No more manual spreadsheets of valuable usage data. No more BI dashboards handed to sales for signals activation. Automate data clean-up, buyer and customer handoffs, and insight distribution and adapt quickly to emerging trends.


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