Data Activation

Programmable MDM via Extensibility

Dynamically automate real-time data updates and processes, ensuring accurate, consistent, and responsive master data management.


Turn any field into a signal and activate across your stack, fast.


Dynamic triggers and customizable actions

Leverage sophisticated data-condition and event-based triggers, designed for integration within your Master Data Management (MDM) system and external sources. This functionality ensures your master data is consistently current, facilitating the seamless reception and processing of signals across diverse channels to guarantee precision and freshness in your enterprise data operations.



Customizable data transformation & augmentation

Unparalleled customization capabilities to tailor data management practices precisely. Apply transformations, create custom functions, and generate datasets from master data projections. These datasets can be seamlessly integrated back into the master data or utilized in operational pipelines, enhancing both master data utilization and operational agility within your enterprise.



Harness advanced AI services

Leverage cutting-edge AI services in pipelines and fragments to boost data quality, streamline integration processes, automate workflows, perform predictive analytics, and enhance security measures and compliance protocols.


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