Enhanced Automation with AI and ML

Syncari is designed with AI-readiness at its core, ensuring that your data is consistently high-quality and prepared for AI services and applications.

Unlock the full potential of AI with continuous, trusted data

Bring GenAI to workflows

Create AI prompts referencing specific objects or fields in your unified data model. Augment data, normalize values, summarize notes, and ensure data privacy all in one place.

Sync Studio

Data Quality

Optimize for AI-driven processes

Automate remediation to ensure accurate and fresh data for AI applications, and provide consistent data standards across systems to optimize seamless integration with AI and machine learning models.

Data Quality


Automatic documentation

Let AI handle the tedious task of documenting your data pipelines, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date documentation.

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How can I use SyncAI to interact with and analyze my customer data?

Users can ask SyncAI questions about sales pipeline, customer health or marketing campaign performance and receive reliable answers based on unified data from every system in the customer journey. SyncAI can provide specific data points, visualizations and charts that can be easily shared with others.

What re GPT Actions?

Syncari’s GPT actions empower you to harness the potential of Generative AI through OpenAI. Syncari offers a selection of pre-built GPT actions, as outlined below. These actions seamlessly integrate into your pipelines, just like any other actions. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to craft your own custom GPT actions using Syncari’s Custom Action feature.

Leveraging Syncari’s no-code custom actions, users can create Generative AI prompts that reference specific objects or fields in the unified data model. Apply the output of these prompts to augment data, normalize values, summarize notes, or explore other use cases. Examples include SentimentGPT, AddressGPT, NameGPT:

What is SentimentGPT?

SentimentGPT action is an action that can accept any text and analyze sentiment. The analysis result is a one word sentiment – one of positive, negative or neutral.

What is AddressGPT?

AddressGPT is action that can extract mailing address from a block of text.

What is NameGPT?

NameGPT is an action that can accept a name and return the standard form. Example : IBM is returned as International Business Machines.

How does Syncari ensure my data is secure and private while incorporating AI functionality?

Syncari provides PHI/PII detection and masking to ensure customer data privacy and security. Learn more.

How does Syncari help with generative AI readiness?

Syncari’s continuous unification, continuous data quality, continuous distribution, ensures your data is always accurate, consistent, up-to-date, fresh and reliable. Leverage Programmable MDM for flexible and scalable data management, and achieve a comprehensive 360-degree dataset readiness for seamless AI integration. Transform your data into actionable insights, ready for advanced AI applications.