Introducing SyncAI

Better data, powered by AI

Align, analyze and activate data with AI

Bring GenAI to Workflows

Create AI prompts referencing specific objects or fields in your unified data model. Augment data, normalize values, summarize notes, and ensure data privacy all in one place.

Sync Studio

Execute Data Projects on Command

State goals like “Dedupe my contacts” or “Enrich my accounts.” Build, test, and publish data pipelines using natural language and customizable templates.

SyncAI for data pipelines

Analyze Data Through Conversation

Ask questions about sales pipeline, customer health, or marketing campaign performance. Get reliable answers from trusted data and share results instantly.

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Syncari Insights Studio

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How can I use SyncAI to interact with and analyze my customer data?

Users can ask SyncAI questions about sales pipeline, customer health or marketing campaign performance and receive reliable answers based on unified data from every system in the customer journey. SyncAI can provide specific data points, visualizations and charts that can be easily shared with others.

How can I automate data programs on command?

Syncari has already simplified data management and automation with a no-code, no-SQL interface. Now, with SyncAI, we bring the best practices we’ve learned from working with hundreds of enterprises to the fingertips of every operations professional. Simply state a goal such as “Dedupe my Salesforce contacts,” “Enrich Hubspot accounts with Clearbit,” or “Unify Salesforce accounts with Netsuite companies.” Then, use natural language to build, test, and publish the necessary data pipelines and workflows, utilizing customizable templates informed by current customer and partner deployments.

How can I bring generative AI actions into workflows?

Leveraging Syncari’s no-code custom actions, users can create Generative AI prompts that reference specific objects or fields in the unified data model. Apply the output of these prompts to augment data, normalize values, summarize notes, or explore other use cases. 

How does Syncari ensure my data is secure and private while incorporating AI functionality?

Syncari provides PHI/PII detection and masking to ensure customer data privacy and security. Learn more.