Workflow Automation

Design and automate business processes off unified data in minutes

Automate even the most complex processes and get data wherever it’s needed most, trigger sequences, workflows, alerts, and so much more.

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“Syncari is the data solution we rely on to proactively optimize our business performance in the face of Deel’s explosive growth, thanks largely to the flexibility and control my team has to automate complex processes while delivering clean trusted customer data to our front-line teams.”

Global Revenue Operations Leader


Automate the mundane and focus on tasks that move the needle where it counts.


Optimize business processes and design workflow automations in minutes

Orchestrate multi-system processes and deliver coordinated customer experiences by ensuring key signals are identified and activated across teams. Syncari workflows can access your entire customer data set.



Get leads and opportunities routed to the right place fast.

Implement any routing strategy — round-robin, territory-based, account-based — using a simple interface and step-by-step guides to build, track and update complex routing flows in near-real-time.



Alert customers or your teams to important events and changes.

Stay updated and act promptly with automated alerts and notifications built off your unified customer data. Easily configure and schedule automated alerts to any desired location without requiring technical expertise.


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