We Sync Your Applications While You Protect Others

Activate signals from product & marketing and cross-sell SEIM to your ESM customers more effectively.


Build a unified view of your customers and cybersecurity business while enforcing data policies across source systems and destinations.

360° VIEW

Build the most powerful unified view of your customer.

When you have customer data that’s accurate and available, you get better alignment, happier customers, and more predictable revenue growth. Easily connect all of your cross-system customer data in one unified view to uncover trends and surface insights on marketing engagement, product usage, payment status, and more.



Orchestrate and govern complex cybersecurity workflows without code.

Leverage data in any system to build sophisticated conditional policies that drive the reliable automation of your security workflows. Or simply activate alerts from anywhere, everywhere, so you can take action when it matters, where it matters. Avoid time-sucking errors and conflicts often associated with automations spanning siloed systems containing inconsistent data. Syncari provides a centralized destination for operators to deploy and manage workflow logic at scale and on the foundations of clean, unified, multi-system data.



Define and distribute a clean source of truth to the entire business.

Effortlessly transform multi-system data for cleansing, enrichment, and deduplication all in one place and execute policies at scale for how data is distributed across the org.



Gain visibility into every change across every connected system.

Quickly track changes to entities and fields across systems, providing a clear and traceable path for your data from inception to present, empowering expedited issue resolution and confident, data-driven decision-making.



Satisfy your compliance obligations and manage customer data with peace of mind.

Syncari provides top-tier security features to ensure your compliance with privacy and data protection laws and regulations. We’re proud to be HIPAA compliant, offering HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), and adhering to GLBA practices for securing both infrastructure and applications. Our SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA certifications undergo annual audits to further ensuring your data remains private and secure.

Syncari Healthcare Certifications


Security baked into our core and culture.


Build with Syncari to improve productivity, streamline operations, minimize manual tasks, and align teams around shared objectives.

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