Syncari Embedded Data Ecosystem

Use Syncari’s platform APIs to embed data management, sync, and orchestration into your product. Syncari provides cost effective access to an entire ecosystem of platforms, workflows, and unified data.

Accelerate Time to Value

Your Product will Thrive with a Unified Data Ecosystem

70% of integration projects fail to deliver on expected value at an average cost of $1m. Why risk it? Accelerate your product adoption, expand into new markets and deliver better customer experiences with Syncari Embed.

Differentiate with data sync

Create a robust data ecosystem centered around your product. Go beyond traditional connectivity, with intelligent Synapses that self-heal after outages and adapt to schema changes.


Deliver best-in-class connectivity

Every Syncari Embed Customer gets a custom Synapse to their product, delivered by us to ensure quality at speed. Additional connections can be made with our 50+ pre-built connections or Custom Synapse SDK.

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All in one platform

Syncari Embed delivers embedded sync, data management, and automation via APIs powered by Syncari’s hybrid transactional and analytical processing engine. Get faster time to value at a fraction of the cost of DIY.


Unified data model

Every data source connected to Syncari is automatically normalizes to your product’s data model. Now all your customer’s systems can speak the same data language you do.


Quick Starts

Create reusable schema syncs, data transformations, and processes. Empower your team of blended resources or your customers to automate their data faster with clicks, not code.

Focus on what you do best

Eliminate the time and headache of aligning your customer’s data to your platform. We’ll handle synchronization and automation for you — keeping your focus on your core platform value.


Programmable via APIs

Syncari Embed includes access to Syncari Platform APIs which allow you to create and activate Synapses, update data pipelines, retrieve metadata, and update datasets all from your code.


Ready to add sync to your product?