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Continuously sync your product and customer’s stack

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Make bi-directional sync your competitive advantage

Eliminate the time and headache of aligning your customer’s data to your product. Syncari Embed continuously syncs your product to 50+ business systems, manages data quality, and activates insights — all in one platform.

Data Interoperability (as a Service)

Your product needs to interoperate, not just integrate

Customers need your product to work seamlessly with their top systems.  This requires a coordinated approach to multi-system data interoperability that wasn’t possible — until now.  Syncari Embed delivers:

Patented stateful sync engine: removes the point-to-point relationship between apps and keeps your customer’s entire stack in sync with your product.

Hub-and-spoke approach: powered by a unified, elastic data model that automatically propagates changes across all connected systems.

Intelligent connectors: make your customer’s entire stack look and behave the same way. Our Synapses deeply understand both data and schema.

Data quality & governance: built-in, not bolted on to ensure data integrity is never compromised.

What is stateful sync?

No-code data pipelines

Empower your blended resources and customers to build automations and get to value faster.

Fully customizable

Use our interface or customize Syncari’s capabilities with your branding, look and feel to maintain a consistent product experience.

No-SQL analytics engine

Create and activate signals, metrics and visualizations for your customers from one unified data store.

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Data Management Sync Studio

Programmable via APIs

Syncari Embed includes access to Syncari Platform APIs which allow you to create and activate Synapses, update data pipelines, retrieve metadata, and update datasets all from your code.

Extensible via SDK

Sync with our pre-built Synapses or deeply connect to any app in your ecosystem — including your own product — with our SDK. Our experts are here to help.

Explore Synapses

Innovative products need more than iPaaS

When integrations matter, you need a solution with end-to-end data control and flexibility to quickly adapt to new opportunities. iPaaS solutions may be quick to test but they don’t adapt to complex environments & requirements.

DIY vs Syncari

Syncari vs iPaaS

Syncari delivers end-to-end visibility and actionability across connected systems

With iPaaS workflows and automation remain siloed

Syncari comes with automatic data quality controls with flexible no-code customization

iPaaS solutions lack controls to manage and enforce data quality

Syncari provides continuous sync across all systems, at all times

iPaaS solutions provide inconsistent sync capabilities, with bi-directionality only available for specific fields at best.

Syncari’s automated error controls maintain functionality even when systems and processes change

iPaaS platforms are slow to adapt and error-prone to change

With Syncari cost and maintenance scale linearly with our hub and spoke approach to integration

With iPaaS, System and process complexity multiplies cost & maintenance exponentially

Ready to add sync to your product?