Unified Data Hub

Unlock the power of 360° data

Think beyond APIs. Operate every part of your business through a common data model, where the data and data models are the hub and the multi-domains are the spokes.


Unifying data, empowering decisions

Hub and Spoke Architecture

A data model approach

Data and data models serve as the hub, while multi-domains act as the spokes. This structure not only centralizes your data but also ensures a unified semantic layer, facilitating streamlined and efficient interactions across all domains.

Elastic Data Model

Align data models and tools effortlessly

Data sources and destinations are constantly evolving. Create a global data model that can easily adapt to new and evolving sources and destinations, including heterogeneous sources, ensuring consistency and reliability.

360° Data

Unified and distributed 360° data

360° Data offers a holistic approach to data management, creating a unified dataset that integrates information from various sources. This unified dataset becomes the cornerstone for all operations, ensuring consistency and coherence across different business functions and domains. 

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