Product Usage Data Activation

User Data + GTM = Brilliant

Don’t wait months for valuable product usage data to get integrated with sales, marketing, CS and finance.

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Product-Led Everything

Product Usage Data is a Revenue Goldmine

PLG, Product-Led Sales and event-based triggers are becoming established parts of effective GTM strategy. But for many teams, this data is still locked up in product analytics tools and inaccessible warehouses.

Make Product Pivotal to Your Go-To-Market

Rapidly deploy custom user signals to sales, marketing, CS and finance systems, without code.


Can Syncari unify my user data with multiple systems at once, like CRM, marketing automation, CS and ERP?

Yes, this is actually a unique capability of Syncari – and patented, too.

Which data warehouses can Syncari connect with?

Syncari connects to Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, PostgresQL, and Google BigQuery.

Which product analytics tools can Syncari connect with?

Syncari connects to Pendo and Amplitude. More coming soon.

Can I build custom integrations with Syncari?

Yes, Syncari allows you to deploy new Synapses using our Custom Synapse SDK, or via CSV, Google Sheets, or SFTP.