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The Syncari Synapse for Pendo provides continuous, bidirectional synchronization and fully supports Syncari functions and actions.

What is Pendo? 

Pendo is a product experience and digital adoption solution designed to help companies deliver enjoyable online experiences.  With the goal of transforming businesses into product-led ones, Pendo enables software developers to embed a range of tools into its products. In turn, user experiences are heightened and provide new, dynamic insights for teams to analyze.

How it works 

Objects from Pendo can be mapped to entities in Syncari using the powerful Sync Studio. Changes on the records for these objects are periodically (near real time) synced from Pendo into Syncari. Syncari provides a flexible conflict resolution strategy in cases where multiple updates are noticed for the same record. The data can be enriched, deduped and cleansed before storing it in Syncari. Data flowing from different systems into Syncari is synced to Pendo. Syncari supports the unstructured nature of the Event object seamlessly. The Pendo Synapse allows synchronization on the below listed objects:

  • Account
  • Visitor
  • Page
  • Feature
  • Guide

Intro to Syncari for Pendo sync

Syncari is a purpose-built, data automation platform designed to unify data from your go-to-market (GTM) platforms. Wherever your data needs are, we’ll meet you where you need us. Whether that’s engagement solutions, user experience data, insights, contact and account records, and so much are supported by Syncari’s seamless sync.  And thanks to our stateful Merge Studio, you can merge logic and deduplicate your data nearly instantly while also maintaining it over time.  Look forward to reliable digital adoption that helps you build enhanced product experiences no matter the extent of your data.

Benefits of using Syncari for Pendo sync

Syncing Pendo with Syncari allows you to capture user data and provide interactive polls and guides to users online. All of this helps teams better understand its products, specifically in the ways that users interact with it/them.  What’s more, Pendo requires very minimal coding during the installation process. This makes Pendo unique because it’s easy to obtain, interact with and rely on unlike many other platforms.

[ Watch the Demo: Pendo to Salesforce Sync Demo ]

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Get started with Syncari for Pendo

Test drive Syncari today or request a custom demo. To understand how to get going with Pendo in your Syncari instance, refer to the support setup guide.