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Imported Files (CSV)

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The Syncari Imported Files Synapse lets you define a new schema for an uploaded CSV file or to add an existing CSV file for an already-defined entity in Syncari. This synapse provides read (source) synchronization and fully supports Syncari functions and actions on an entity loaded from a CSV data file.

How It Works

Select a CSV file to upload to Syncari. The first time this file is loaded, Syncari will discover the schema from the file headers and recognize future uploads with this schema. Rows from this file can be mapped to entities in Syncari using the powerful Sync Studio. Changes on the records for these objects are synced into Syncari when a new file is added to the upload area. Syncari provides a flexible conflict resolution strategy in cases where multiple updates are noticed for the same record. The data can be enriched, deduped and cleansed before storing it in Syncari.  csv-upload

Supported Objects and Workflow

All columns within the CSV file are auto-detected as fields on the object. These fields are available for transformations in the pipeline. Each new folder in the Imported Files Synapse shows up optionally as a new entity within Syncari. Learn more on the product release blog.

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