Coffee With Customers Ep. 3: Dooly’s Jenna Molby and Product-Led Selling

Sales teams can gain a lot of momentum and traction with product usage data. If a seller knows that multiple people from a given account have signed up to use a product, they know who to talk to and have a clear business case based on a product-qualified need.

But getting data about users into sales-ready systems, namely Salesforce, is difficult for most tech stacks to pull off. 

Our third episode of Coffee with Customers features Jenna Molby, Head of Revenue Operations at Dooly. Jenna led the effort to adopt Syncari where Hightouch had failed to seamlessly unify and sync product usage information from Bigquery into Salesforce.

Dooly Product Led Growth

Learn how Dooly used Syncari to get user data into the hands of sellers, keep Salesforce clean, and activate customer health signals in Slack to keep fully remote account teams aligned.

Jenna offers tons of detailed insights into how they built account and contact deduplication into Syncari, how sales and customer success are using the product information, and much more. She articulates why no-code is crucial for revenue operations teams who don’t have SQL experts on hand. We’ve broken the video out into sections below:

  1. 01:02 Dooly’s PLG focus, Looker and product usage gaps
  2. 01:58 Syncari vs Hightouch (Dooly’s previous solution)
  3. 02:50 Why code/SQL-based solutions for RevOps can’t scale
  4. 04:30 Walkthrough of how Dooly uses Syncari
    1. 04:53 Connecting to BigQuery and Salesforce, no IT support required
    2. 05:10 Automatic matching of product and sales account data 
    3. 07:35 Reusing matching logic for accounts on contacts with fragments
    4. 08:20 Automatic matching of product and sales contact data
    5. 09:15 Mapping fields and tables visually, no SQL required
  5. 10:30 Impacts of real-time product usage data access across marketing/sales/CS
  6. 11:25 Limitations of having insights in Looker vs. Salesforce
  7. 12:05 Speed, visibility, and duplicate data issues with Hightouch
  8. 13:30 Jenna’s advice: Know your data resources and operate accordingly

Or watch the full video:

You can also read the Dooly case study here.

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