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About Impartner

Impartner is the fastest-growing, most award-winning channel management solution provider. Impartner’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation (PMA) solutions help companies handle everything from partner training, certifications, and communications to business planning and performance analysis. Today, thousands of companies worldwide manage partner ecosystems with distributors, resellers, and channel partners with Impartner. 

The Challenge

Impartner helps other companies create better relationships with their partners. For most businesses, this is represented within a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Recognizing the value of a direct integration to Salesforce, Impartner spent two years building their proprietary connection. But amidst a rapid international expansion, their team encountered difficulties by being restricted to having a working CRM integration with just Salesforce.

Not only did their sophisticated, homegrown integration need to be maintained by a full team of engineers, but any new request (e.g., a HubSpot integration) from interested customers also had to be individually custom coded. This caused significant time delays in the sales process and prevented the team from being able to scale. As such, Impartner’s growing backlog of IT and engineering tasks meant they had to find a solution quickly.

The Approach

Just as Impartner built their Salesforce integration, they set out to do it again by creating their own proprietary HubSpot connection. To do this, the Impartner team looked to another iPaaS solution. However, they quickly found that the solution’s approach was complex and required specialized resources. To achieve a robust and scalable solution so they could solve their customers’ needs — syncing data with CRMs like HubSpot and other core business systems — the Impartner team realized they required something more flexible.

The Solution

“Syncari immediately understood our problem,” said Dan Lang, Impartner’s Director of Salesforce Solutions. While Syncari was originally brought in as a temporary solution, the Customer Data Automation (CDA) platform was quickly determined to be the key to solving their data sync problems. By using Syncari Embed, the Impartner team solved two issues with their previous approach. First, they no longer had to match their data fields to the many CRMs their customers could potentially use and only had to match Syncari. Second, with Syncari, the Impartner team could query and filter data the way they needed whenever they needed it. On top of that, Syncari is accessible to engineers and non-IT personnel alike, even empowering Impartner’s implementation team to support customers — a huge win.

“It no longer matters what we connect to; we get all the data we need in the format we need it,” Lang explained. After only a two-hour training session with Syncari, Lang’s engineering team can now self-serve on the platform, and are empowered to do more than they ever could before. “We’re having a really good, positive reaction; the business knows it can now scale without constant syncing problems. And it’s all thanks to Syncari.”

Since deploying Syncari Embed, Impartner has used Syncari to connect with their customers’ HubSpot, Zoho, Oracle CX, and SAP CRM systems, as well as customers with multiple HubSpot instances.

“With Syncari’s Embedded Platform APIs, we’re creating a data ecosystem centered around Impartner’s unified data and schema model using our own branded business user experiences.”

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