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Discover how data scientists and analysts can excel in Revenue Operations (RevOps) roles. Learn about CRM data architecture, GTM strategies, data quality, and revenue terminology, essential for impacting an organization's revenue growth. Find your path to success in this dynamic intersection of data and revenue operations.

How Data Professionals Can Excel in Revenue Operations (RevOps)

The data-driven era has revolutionized the role of data scientists and analysts, placing them at the core of strategic decision-making and revenue generation. Revenue Operations (RevOps), which aligns sales, marketing, and customer service to boost revenue growth, increasingly requires the…


The Origin of Syncari Embed: Interview with Varsha Neelesh

The following is an interview with Varsha Neelesh, VP of Engineering here at Syncari. Varsha has led development of multiple novel technologies within Syncari, including its data unification capabilities and its embedded integration product, known as Syncari Embed. About Varsha…

CRM Data Quality

Top CRM Data Quality Tips from Operations Experts

CRM data quality is a big problem for most B2B companies. While customer data quality in general is difficult, many organizations rely on their CRM to be a single source of truth. This means that CRM data quality becomes vital…

Hyland Marketing ROI

Coffee With Customers Ep. 5: Hyland’s Ben Bykowski on Unified Data for Marketing ROI

Our fifth episode of Coffee with Customers features Ben Bykowski, Director of Technology at Hyland Software. Ben and team selected Syncari to unify multiple marketing automation tools, namely Marketo and Pardot, with Salesforce. In organizations with multiple lines of business,…

Coffee with Customers Demostack

Coffee with Customers Ep. 4: Demostack and Customer 360

Our fourth episode of Coffee with Customers features Eric Portugal Welsh, Director of Revenue Operations at Demostack. Eric unified Jira and Salesforce to create a distributed Customer 360 across sales, customer success and product development. Demostack is not unique in…

Coffee with Customers Dooly

Coffee With Customers Ep. 3: Dooly’s Jenna Molby and Product-Led Selling

Sales teams can gain a lot of momentum and traction with product usage data. If a seller knows that multiple people from a given account have signed up to use a product, they know who to talk to and have…

Coffee with Customers Metadata

Coffee With Customers Ep. 2: Metadata’s Sam Bowley & Product Usage Data

“Put more time back in the day of the sellers. Where the sellers operate is where I need to surface the data.” This is one of Sam Bowley’s philosophies as a RevOps professional. If sellers use Slack or Salesforce, he…

Coffee with Customers Conga Blog Banner (1)

Coffee With Customers Ep. 1: Data Unification with Conga’s Scott Merselis

“Can we Syncari it?” We are not quite at the Kleenex level, but maybe one day Syncari will be a household name. At least, an “officehold” verb. That’s how the team over at Conga now talks about Syncari. They began…


Defining Data Excellence with Eliya Elon [Interview]

Eliya Elon has been blazing trails since he was a teenager. His career kickstarted when he was 15: “My parents went bankrupt so I dropped out of school to work,” he explains. “I started my first business—the second CrossFit gym…

Title card for blog post on Data Proposals

Data, Proposals, And Pumping Iron With Kathryn Bennett And Ben Klein

Kathryn and Ben are proposal BFFs. As the Senior Manager of Proposal Operations at Maven Clinic, Kathryn Bennett is pumping out winning bids and teaching proposal managers how to succeed without compromising their sanity. When I invited her to speak…


The Power of Translation with Christine Farrier Rosemin

It’s impossible to ignore Gusto’s Head of Channel Marketing. In a profession often notorious for verbose, jargon-y content, Christine is clear, erudite, and exacting. Whether she’s normalizing Black leadership with her presence or promoting Gusto’s all-in-one HR and payroll platform,…

Title card of testimonial interview with Jeff Ignacio

The Principles of a Revenue Architect With Jeff Ignacio

If you’re in RevOps, you’ve likely seen Jeff Ignacio’s posts on LinkedIn. A quick perusal of his profile reveals a veritable treasure trove of operations knowledge, from his two cents on Ops trends to tactical tips that practitioners can apply…


90 Days In: Building an Empathetic RevOps Team

WebPT’s robust web-based solution helps therapists from single-therapist clinics to multi-location enterprises with integrated documentation, scheduling, and billing solutions. With Doug’s vision for process and an emphasis on reducing the stigma on mental health, he is forging a new way…

title card for Susan Whittemore, Growth Architect, Data Superheroes RevOps interview series

Slowing Down to Speed Up: Insights from Legendary Ops Leader, Susan Whittemore

Our newest data superhero truly embodies the moniker. For the past 15 years, Susan Whittemore has led GTM (go-to-market) teams to optimize revenue delivery while keeping true to each company’s mission and brand promise. Whether it was boutique tax firms,…

title card for Laura Kendall, MadKudu's Marketing VP, Data Superheroes RevOps interview series

From Parenting to MOps: A Candid Chat With Laura Kendall

Data-minded leaders don’t stop being data-minded when they’re at home. Just ask MadKudu’s VP of Marketing, Laura Kendall, who recently gave birth to a baby girl named Ivy. “As a new mom with an anxious temperament, I might have taken…

title card for Kanako Tone, Alyce's Marketing Operations Manager, Data Superheroes RevOps interview series

Data Nightmares and Marketing Miracles with Kanako Tone

Nick Bonfiglio: Why did you choose Marketing Ops? Why Alyce? Kanako Tone: It was time for a change. In my previous companies, I always reported to CMOs or VPs of Marketing. That system works fine, but I could see another…

title card for Cailin Radcliffe, Berkshire Grey's Senior Director of Revenue Operations, Data Superheroes RevOps interview series

Telling The Data Story with Cailin Radcliffe, Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Berkshire Grey

To say Cailin Radcliffe knows a thing or two about RevOps is an understatement. She’s the Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Berkshire Grey, a leader in intelligent enterprise robotic solutions. Cailin sees the messiness of RevOps as an opportunity.…


How to Build a Resilient Ops Team with the VP of RevOps at Uberflip

“I know when to admit I can’t do something — my strengths aren’t diminished by highlighting yours. The great work begins when we stop pretending we’re experts at everything,” Leorre Fishman says. In a world of generalists and jacks-of-all-trades, Leorre,…