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Kaylee Edmonson, Director of Demand Generation, title card for Data Superheroes RevOps interview series

The Dark Funnel Future: Insights from Kaylee Edmondson, Senior Director of Demand Gen at Chili Piper

Kaylee Edmondson is a podcasting and marketing savant for whom change is a welcome challenge. As the Senior Director of Demand Generation at Chili Piper and host of the popular podcast, Demand Gen Chat, Kaylee offers her honest and straightforward…

Data Superheroes RevOps Dan Frohnen

Music to marketing: The many lives of Dan Frohnen, CMO of UpKeep

Dan Frohnen’s career journey has been novel. From music publishing to marketing operations, his unique experience has translated to SaaS thought leadership, where he sees creative solutions where others see problems.  Dan is currently CMO at UpKeep, a software designed…

Seeing the future: mixmax's head of revops, Jason Westerberg

Seeing the Future: Mixmax’s Head of RevOps shares his playbook

What if I told you the future of sales enablement is doing even more with even less? What if your teams could accumulate years of RevOps experience, in less time than it takes to type “Ctrl+F”? That world isn’t far…


The hidden cost of not trusting the process: An interview with Postal’s Director of RevOps

Nearly everyone in go-to-market (GTM) operations has, at some point, shared this experience: You’re asked to report on data that doesn’t exist. Or isn’t possible to collect. That data doesn’t exist of course because nobody thought to set up a…


A forecast of rain and revenue: How weather prediction platform Tomorrow does RevOps right

In The Signal and the Noise, bayesian forecaster Nate Silver pointed out an interesting observation: People tend to mistreat weather reporters, sometimes cursing them in public. Why? Because they blame them for bad weather—even though the weather is very, very…

Syncari Board of Advisors

Meet our new Syncari Board of Advisors

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 25, 2021 — Syncari is on a mission to empower everyone to restore trust in their data. But our technology on its own will never be enough. Without empowered people and proven approaches to taming data chaos, our…

Data Quality Solutions Data Doc

“Fix Bad Data And You Can’t Count The Money Fast Enough”: Advice From Renowned Data Expert Tom Redman

If you’re wondering how to rescue your company from bad data, just ask Tom Redman. He wrote the book on data—literally. He’s published five books on the topic, including the beloved classic, Data Driven. With over 40 years of experience…

Ben Bayat, NextGen Venture-partners

“Revenue Leaders Need To Soften The Hyperfocus”: A Conversation With NextGen Venture Partners’ Ben Bayat

On November 4, 2020, Emily Harrington became the first female climber to scale El Capitan in under 24 hours. As she achieved this record-breaking feat, she repeated a mantra to herself: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” According to Ben…

Rosalyn Clari

Overworked Operations Leader? You May Benefit From “Ops Therapy,” says Clari’s Head of Revenue Operations Rosalyn Santa Elena

You’ve heard of talk therapy, but what about Ops therapy? Rosalyn Santa Elena, Head of Revenue Operations at Clari maintains it’s essential. Because the life of an operations leader is one fraught with chaos. Last minute fire drills. Tech providers…

Marketing Ops Data Integration Imperative - Aubrey Morgan

“Stage A Data Intervention”: Aubrey Morgan On The New Imperative For Marketing Operations

Ask any marketing operations professional the bane of their existence and they will tell you: bad data. It’s the insidious source of countless pains—hours spent meticulously scrubbing lists, embarrassing email blunders, and campaign reporting that nobody can seem to agree…


“Move Over Old School CFOs”: An Interview With Peter Perrone, AtScale’s Remarkably Data-Driven CFO

Some skill sets age like a fine wine. Others spoil like a carton of milk. If the past decade has been any indication, the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) falls into the latter category. According to a study…


From Fine Arts To Fine-Tuning Dashboards: A Conversation With Interimly’s Andrea Wildt

Before she founded the category-creating attribution software Full Circle Insights and before she was CMO at Campaign Monitor, Andrea Wildt was a print-maker. She spent her days designing and transferring intricate patterns onto silk, paper, and wood. It was exactly…


How To Preserve Your Data Quality (And Your Sanity) Through A Merger, According To A Revenue Leader Who Aced One

Amy Palmer’s path to marketing leadership was an unconventional one. After four years investigating police misconduct in NYC, she did a stint as a manuscript editor and earned a master’s degree in anthropology before transitioning into demand generation marketing. Today…


Meet Cristina Saunders, A Woman On a Mission To Elevate MOPs From ‘Firefighter’ To ‘Strategic Firepower’

As co-founder of CS2, one of Silicon Valley’s top marketing agencies, Cristina Saunders has seen a lot of data ecosystems—from the ultra-sophisticated to the downright chaotic. She has amassed deep wisdom about how to architect a tech stack the right…


“Marie Kondo your database”: Jon Miller On Why Bad Data Is Killing Your ABM

By Nick Bonfiglio As a co-founder of Marketo, Jon Miller was at the helm of the demand generation revolution, arming marketers with the power to send the right message to the right people at the right time. He played an…

Clean Continuously

Syncari Announces $6.5M Seed and New Board Members, Including Former Founder of MuleSoft

Syncari well-poised to lead the new data automation market SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This month, Syncari announced that it has raised $6.5M in total seed funding, led by SignalFire. This infusion of additional capital allows Syncari to accelerate its customer acquisition plans and bolster its board with two veterans, Ilya…