Meet our new Syncari Board of Advisors

SAN FRANCISCOFeb. 25, 2021 — Syncari is on a mission to empower everyone to restore trust in their data.

But our technology on its own will never be enough. Without empowered people and proven approaches to taming data chaos, our customers will struggle to make a dent in insidious data problems that cost businesses $3.1 trillion annually.

That’s why today we’re announcing our Syncari Board of Advisors.

Many of them are already hard at work elevating the role of sales, marketing and revenue operations in their respective networks. We’re excited and humbled to join forces with these data superheroes and industry leaders.

They’ll be advising us in all areas of revenue strategy and operations, and at least once a quarter, we’ll package up their collective insights and wisdom and share it back with you. We’ll also partner with them individually to get into the specifics of HOW to approach the gnarliest cross-functional data problems and WHAT you can do to create a more efficient revenue engine. We can’t wait to get started!

Please join us in welcoming the newest members of the Syncari family:

Christa Saunders

Cristina (Vetere) Saunders, Co-Founder of CS2

As co-founder of CS2, one of Silicon Valley’s top marketing agencies, co-founder of Women in Revenue, and co-host of the fwd:thinking podcast, Christina extracts and shares deep wisdom about all things Marketing Operations. She’s seen what can go wrong when tactical data fire fighting precedes data strategy and helps her clients and network find a better way.

Dana Therrien

Dana Therrien, VP Worldwide RevOps at Genesys

A globally recognized sales and revenue operations leader, Dana is a frequent speaker at events such as SiriusDecisions Summits, Lean Data OpsStars, and Insight Squared RAMP. He’s also served as the Forrester Sales Operations Strategies Practice Leader where he advised hundreds of global corporations on revenue operations benchmarks and best practices.

Darrell Alfonso

Darrell Alfonso, Global Marketing Operations Manager at AWS

Darrell is a Marketing Automation champion who’s worked at startups, mid-sized companies and non-profits. He’s come to realize that it’s about the people, not the platforms – but it’s best to keep your eyes on both. He’s a Get Stacked keynote speaker, 2x Marketo Champion, and was most recently named one of the “Top Martech Marketers to Follow” 2020 by MarTech Alliance.

Jeff Ignacio

Jeff Ignacio, Head of Growth and Operations at UpKeep

A Sales and RevOps pro, Python coder, and the author behind “Scaling the Revenue Engine”, Jeff seems to be at the forefront of every major RevOps trend. He frequently shares these insights with his 6800+ LinkedIn followers, and for the past year has been the channel chair of the Sales Enablement Community in RevenueCollective.

Lorena Morales

Lorena Morales, VP Marketing at Go Nimbly

Through her work at Go Nimbly, a RevOps consultancy, Lorena Morales is at the forefront of identifying and implementing effective Revenue Operations methodologies and fostering a more data-driven culture. She shares and fine-tunes these insights as the leadership host of RevGenius’ The Revenue Podcast and as a member of Women in Revenue.

Manny Ortega

Manny Ortega, Senior Director, Sales Operations, Redis Labs

Leading Sales Operations at Redis Labs and Outreach, both Silicon Valley unicorns, Manny deeply understands the challenges operators face in companies experiencing hyper-growth. He also serves as a First Round Fast Track Mentor, which matches seasoned startup leaders with early-stage founders and operators.

Rebecca Clyde

Rebecca Clyde, CEO and Co-Founder of Botco.ai

On the 2020 List of the Most Influential Women in Arizona, Rebecca has helped marketing teams around the world design, build and execute more effective marketing strategies. This experience led to the creation of Botco.ai, an intelligent chat nurturing solution. She has served as the Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Phoenix and currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Arizona Technology Council.

Rebecca White

Rebecca White, CEO and Founder, ROW Strategy

With 20+ years of experience building and leading global marketing teams at enterprise technology companies and a decade of advising tech startups under her belt, Rebecca is a leading expert in enterprise Go-To-Market. She has a passion for the orchestrations of problem, product, strategy, execution operations and teams.

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena, Head of Revenue Operations at Clari

As the Head of RevOps for a RevOps software company, Rosalyn brings over 20 years of operational management experience to her internal and external customers and a massive network of over 11,800 LI followers. She’s the Operations Channel Chair at Revenue Collective, host of The Revenue Engine podcast and is on a mission to elevate the role of RevOps everywhere.

Tom Redman

Tom Redman, Founder, Data Quality Solutions

Tom Redman, also known as “the Data Doc,” is the author of five (!) books about data quality, including the classic Data Driven. With over 40 years of experience working with companies like VMware, Samsung, and Morgan Stanley, Tom is the de facto expert on improving data quality. His insights have been featured in Forbes, MIT Sloan Management Review and Harvard Business Review.


About the author:

Aaron Landgraf is Syncari’s Head of Marketing. He brings 8+ years of integration experience at MuleSoft, watching it grow from scrappy startup to market leader in data integration and API management.

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