Coffee With Customers Ep. 1: Data Unification with Conga's Scott Merselis

“Can we Syncari it?”

We are not quite at the Kleenex level, but maybe one day Syncari will be a household name. At least, an “officehold” verb.

That’s how the team over at Conga now talks about Syncari. They began with the need to unify multiple CRMs in the form of two Salesforce instances post-merger. They use our platform to deliver on a huge array of data needs: sync, quality, automation, enrichment, activation and more. Anytime a new need pops up, the first question asked across go-to-market teams is now: “Can we Syncari it?”

We discussed this and so much more in the first episode of our Coffee with Customer Series! Featuring Scott Merselis, Sr. Marketing Technology and Operations at Conga, he shows us how Conga’s journey started — a merger and a tale of two Salesforce instances.

They now have beautiful unified customer data, syncing data across ZoomInfo, Google Sheets, CSV imports (recently launched), Marketo, and both Salesforce instances.


Read the case study here.

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This video covers a lot of ground. Click any of the links below to watch the specific clip:

  1. Demo of Conga’s Syncari instance
  2. Understanding the Power of Syncari
  3. Can we Syncari it?
  4. Syncari vs. APEX
  5. Syncari vs. Zapier
  6. Getting around Marketo Limitations with Custom Objects

Or watch the full video:


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