Coffee With Customers Ep. 5: Hyland’s Ben Bykowski on Unified Data for Marketing ROI

Our fifth episode of Coffee with Customers features Ben Bykowski, Director of Technology at Hyland Software. Ben and team selected Syncari to unify multiple marketing automation tools, namely Marketo and Pardot, with Salesforce.

In organizations with multiple lines of business, new tech is often adopted in silos without a plan for integration. And rather than push each team to avoid a best-of-breed approach to sales and marketing technology, Ben wanted to find a solution flexible enough and powerful enough to scale with both new and existing tools.

Hyland CWC Ben Bykowski

But most importantly, marketing ROI was not possible to measure with Marketo and Pardot out-of-sync. If a prospect interacted with both Alfresco and Hyland’s main channels, details may not be shared between the two marketing automation platforms. And then there’s the need to keep Salesforce up-to-date to enable sales teams to act with full context, and to give accurate reporting.

Ben shares his a-ha moment – what made Syncari click for him: the ability to stitch IDs across platforms, managing data schemas and the ability to run lookups across all connected systems. Ben also walks through how he thinks about Syncari vs. ETL tools and the importance of the custom SDK to expand connectors to new tools.

Watch the full video here, or jump to a specific section below:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:50 Hyland’s tech stack  (Snowflake, Segment, 6sense, Syncari)
  • 02:20 Measuring ROI of marketing activity
  • 03:30 How data unification enables best of breed platform approach
  • 04:35 Syncari as catalyst for data unification
  • 05:15 First Syncari use case: Unifying acquired company MAPs
  • 05:55 Second Syncari use case: Unified identity management 
  • 07:20 Why Syncari over ETL tools
  • 09:45 Why the Custom SDK is so important
  • 10:45 Walkthrough of how Hyland uses Syncari
    • 11:00 Deduplicating leads and contacts between Marketo and Salesforce
    • 13:25 Why Syncari vs. native Salesforce/Marketo sync
    • 15:25 Managing data authority across multiple MAPs
    • 16:45 Enabling different data schemas to interoperate
    • 19:30 Unifying campaigns and programs 
    • 21:45 Maintaining data integrity 
    • 23:10 Ben’s A-HA moments: ID stitching, schema management, lookups
    • 25:15 Examples of lookup
    • 25:55 Maintaining opt-in status integrity
  • 27:30 Compounding value of Syncari
  • 28:29 Breaking down data silos
  • 29:12 Avoid the trap of thinking older solutions are better

Unifying customer data is vital for long-term marketing success. Ben’s thoughtful approach to the data is a reminder both of how complex these problems are, but also how important it is to deploy the right data tools to solve for distributed quality information across tools that house customer information.

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