Ultimate Data Holy Grail: Discover the Power of Complete Company 360°

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead means embracing change and leaving behind outdated tools, datasets, and processes. While the business world constantly evolves, one thing remains unchanged: the pursuit of a complete Company 360 record, also known as the golden record. It’s the holy grail for organizations aiming to gather all the essential data in one place.

Creating this golden record isn’t an easy feat. Some companies invest millions of dollars and several years in coding and leveraging multiple tools and platforms to build an engine that can deliver the coveted Company 360 data. However, for businesses catering to both B2B and B2C markets, achieving this goal becomes even more challenging.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Company 360 records and explore how the Company 360° view is revolutionizing the way businesses comprehend and interact with their potential customers. Join us as we unravel the transformative impact of this approach and discover how it enables organizations to gain invaluable insights and forge meaningful connections in today’s dynamic marketplace. Get ready to witness a paradigm shift in customer understanding and engagement.

Firstly, Generative AI 

ChatGPT from OpenAI advanced the field of artificial intelligence, making it accessible to the mainstream. AI not only pushes the human boundaries in how teams work in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Call Centers, HR, Product, IT, and Engineering, but is also transforming how we approach front office and back office solutions. 

Now more than ever, the foundation of AI lies in the data, i.e. unified 360-degree data set, data accuracy, data integrity, up-to-date synced data, and data automations. In nearly every conversation, there is a growing demand for accurate data and the activation of that data through the capabilities of Generative AI.

Good ole Traditional 360

The traditional 360° dataset is losing effectiveness due to various reasons:

  1. Increased Complexity of Buyer Journeys: Today’s consumers and businesses have non-linear buying processes, making it difficult for traditional datasets to capture their complex journeys accurately.
  2. Data Silos: Traditional datasets are stored in separate silos within a company, leading to an incomplete view of the customer’s interactions and transactions.
  3. Rapid Pace of Change: Digital advancements have accelerated changes in consumer behavior and business environments, rendering traditional datasets less relevant and actionable.
  4. Lack of Personalization: Traditional datasets lack the necessary detail and data types to deliver personalized experiences tailored to customers’ unique needs.
  5. Growth in Data Volume and Variety: Businesses now have access to vast amounts of data from diverse sources, which traditional datasets struggle to incorporate and make sense of.
  6. B2B and B2C silos: Viewing B2B and B2C customers separately is outdated. Traditional datasets fail to provide an integrated view that recognizes the connections and overlaps between these segments.
  7. Need for Predictive Insights: Traditional datasets may not have the necessary data or advanced analytics to predict customers’ future actions.

Recognizing these limitations, now more than ever, is the time to explore a more comprehensive approach to understanding customers and the market. Let’s explore how the complete Company 360° approach addresses the shortcomings of its predecessor and is better equipped to drive business success in today’s complex landscape.

The Emergence of a Comprehensive Company 360° Approach

Unlike its predecessor, this updated approach acknowledges the limitations of relying on separate datasets for B2B and B2C customers, which led to fragmented insights. By seamlessly integrating both types of customer data using cutting-edge technologies like Syncari, data providers like apexanalytics, Aidentified, and Cognizant, the new approach provides a comprehensive view of the business landscape.

As data expands, managing and interpreting it becomes more challenging. This is where generative AI solutions play a crucial role. Leveraging AI’s capabilities, these solutions accurately analyze vast amounts of data and extract actionable insights. They excel at identifying patterns and correlations that humans might miss, empowering businesses to understand their customers, discover opportunities, and predict future trends. However, the accuracy and integrity of the data source are vital for the effectiveness of generative AI, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive Company 360° approach.

By utilizing a unified data automation platform like Syncari to enrich both B2B and B2C customer and company data, businesses ensure high-quality data feeds into generative AI models. This synergy maximizes the power of AI to generate valuable insights and enables businesses to deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

The evolution of the Company 360° approach signifies not only an adaptation but a pioneering advancement. By integrating diverse customer data and harnessing generative AI solutions, businesses can navigate the complex landscape with precision and efficiency. In this new era, holistic understanding drives successful business strategies, leaving behind incomplete data and disconnected insights.

Harnessing Innovation: A Powerful Collaboration for Technology and Data Automation 

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses must embrace innovation and adaptability to stay ahead. Strategic alliances have become a cornerstone of modern business strategies, creating a synergistic environment that enhances efficiency and productivity. A shining example of this synergy is the partnership between Syncari, apexanalytix, Aidentified, and Cognizant.

Christopher Pardo, Chief Data Officer at apexanalytix, emphasizes the importance of understanding the bigger picture, stating, “Gone are the days of blind decision-making. Informed by insights and knowledge, businesses can confidently navigate the ever-changing business landscape and seize expansion opportunities.”

This strategic consortium leverages the unique strengths of each partner, fostering collaboration that delivers impactful results. Syncari brings its expertise in LcNc data automation technology, apexanalytix contributes 90M+ scored B2B firmographics, Aidentified offers 100B+ B2C relationships, and Cognizant, a leader in enterprise automation, brings technology, processes, data, and people. The outcome of this collaboration is a solution that is robust, comprehensive, and enterprise-ready.

At the core of this partnership lies the pioneering Company 360° record, which permeates your entire tech stack and provides a unified view of your prospects. This expansive record acts as a repository of valuable data, encompassing a wide range of attributes such as business risk, credit, and reputation. What sets it apart is the multi-source integration of a unified consumer and B2B profile, enabling a comprehensive understanding of both individual and business customers.

Omar Sary, VP of Partnerships at Aidentified, describes the convergence of B2B and B2C data as an unparalleled treasure trove of insights, stating, “It’s no longer just about making a sale; it’s about forging authentic connections and delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

Possessing such a comprehensive record offers numerous advantages. Businesses gain deep insights into their prospects, allowing for highly targeted marketing strategies, anticipation of customer needs, and data-driven decision-making that drives growth. The fusion of B2B and B2C data within this record uncovers hidden opportunities and connections that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Rick Vargas, Leader of AI, Analytics, Automation, and Operational Process Consulting at Cognizant, underscores the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Laser-focused implementations are vital, especially during times of uncertainty, as they enable maximum impact with minimal resources.”

The Benefits of the Complete Company 360° Approach

The dawn of the Company 360° approach presents an opportunity for businesses to reinvent their strategies, providing myriad benefits that can drive growth and success. Let’s delve into some of these compelling advantages.

Precision in Marketing Campaigns

One of the most potent advantages of adopting the Company 360° approach is the level of precision it brings to marketing campaigns. The rich, integrated dataset offers granular insights into consumer and business behavior, allowing marketers to devise strategies that are truly tailored to their audiences. This could include behavioral analytics, real-time wealth events, predictive purchase intent, and intricate relationship mapping. The result? Marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with the target audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Business Opportunity Identification

A broad, holistic view of customers and the market, as provided by the Company 360° approach, uncovers a plethora of business opportunities. The ability to identify these opportunities is key to sustainable growth. By leveraging insights from both B2B and B2C data, businesses can spot trends, anticipate needs, and make data-driven decisions that foster innovation and expansion.

Responsiveness to Customer Needs

Understanding the customer is the cornerstone of any successful business. The Company 360° approach equips businesses with in-depth knowledge about their customers, allowing them to respond promptly and accurately to customer needs. This heightened responsiveness not only improves the customer experience but also builds trust and fosters long-term relationships.


While the benefits of adopting a Company 360° approach are manifold, it’s equally important to consider the flip side. Businesses that fail to adopt this comprehensive view risk falling behind in today’s hyper-competitive and customer-centric world. They may overlook crucial insights that could expedite purchasing decisions and drive growth. In a world where data is king, the inability to leverage it fully may put businesses at a significant disadvantage.

The Company 360° approach isn’t merely an option – it’s a business imperative. Its multifaceted benefits make it an essential tool for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the modern business landscape.

Embracing the Future with a Company 360° Approach

In today’s complex and fast-paced business landscape, relying on traditional tools like the Company 360° dataset no longer suffices. Businesses require a comprehensive approach that integrates both B2B and B2C customer data, aided by the power of generative AI solutions.

The strategic partnership of Syncari, apexanalytix, Aidentified, and Cognizant unlocks the immense potential of this comprehensive approach, offering unparalleled insights and creating numerous business opportunities. From fine-tuning marketing campaigns to identifying new business prospects and enhancing customer responsiveness, the benefits are multifaceted.

However, adoption of this Company 360° approach isn’t merely beneficial—it’s indispensable. Businesses that neglect to embrace this approach risk being sidelined, missing crucial insights that could boost growth. In the data-driven era, this comprehensive view is not an option but a business necessity.

As we navigate the era of digital transformation, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. Adopting a Company 360° approach provides the foresight and agility businesses need to thrive. The future of business is here — are you ready to seize it?

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