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Dremio delivers cross-departmental visibility into customer health

Dremio, provider of the next-generation data lake, is experiencing hypergrowth. In 2020 alone, the company doubled revenue, customers and employees. As a result, their core go-to-market processes were struggling to keep up.  To ensure Dremio is poised for hypergrowth for years to come, the company partnered with Syncari to automate customer onboarding and ensure sales, success, product and marketing teams are working with trusted data across the entire customer journey.

The Challenge

  • Manual customer onboarding processes failing to scale as company doubled in size
  • Rapid adoption of SaaS tools across departments creating data silos and gaps in the customer journey
  • Dependence on IT and independent contractors prevent Dremio ops pros from moving as fast the business required

The Approach

  • Evaluated Tray and Zapier, but decided those tools wouldn’t help address the problem of unifying and syncing data across multiple systems in a scalable, resilient way
  • Selected Syncari for its strengths as a complete, no-code platform, delivering all the tools the RevOps team needed, in one place

The Solution

  • Syncari now creates accounts in Jira the second an opportunity is closed won and approved,  streamlining the onboarding process
  • Previous 9-12 step manual process that took days to complete is now automatic
  • Syncari also unifies ticket data across Salesforce and Jira
  • Sales and success use this unified data to provide proactive updates on feature requests, support requests, and delivered fixes

Next Steps

  • Bring product data into Syncari, which, when combined with the data from Salesforce and Jira, will give Dremio unprecedented visibility into customer health
  • Explore data sync and workflows with NetSuite and Marketo, building on what’s already been completed
Brendan Reeves
Brendan Reeves

Head of Sales Operations

The value we get from Syncari is cumulative. The data policies and automations we create for one use case can be applied to the next, even for an entirely different set of data sources. This gives us better control over our data today and the confidence to change with speed in the future.

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