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What is Jira?

Jira — a subsidiary of Atlassian — is a software development tool designed to bring teams together. Its platform assists teams in planning, assigning, reporting, tracking, and managing accounts, from software development to customer support. Organizations ranging from start-ups to enterprises utilize Jira to build smooth-running operations for agile teams. 

Jira Data Model

The Syncari Synapse for Jira provides bidirectional synchronization and fully supports the functions and actions of Jira’s standard objects:
  • Customer
  • Info
  • Knowledge base
  • Organization
  • Request
  • Request type
  • Product
Out-of-the-box functions like dedupe and merge are available in Syncari, which you can use in the sync pipeline for the above objects. With Syncari, you can enroll customers in Jira workflows as long as a contact meets the specified criteria during the sync pipeline.

Intro to Syncari for Jira Sync

Syncari is a customer data engine that unifies data across all your go-to-market (GTM) systems.  Whether you need customer support and success tools, sales and marketing solutions, data deduplication and enrichment efforts, or something else altogether, our platform facilitates the functions you need. Using our Sync Studio, you can cleanse, merge, and maintain your data in near real time. You can also build your own automation workflows — without code — over time. 

Benefits of Using Syncari for Jira Sync

Using our powerful Sync Studio, you can map standard objects and sync any changes on records from Jira Service Management to entities in Syncari.  We provide a flexible conflict resolution strategy in cases where you notice multiple updates for the same record. Additionally, you can enrich, dedupe, and cleanse data flowing from different systems before storing it in Syncari.  What’s more, the synapse auto-detects any schema changes in Jira, such as the addition of a new field, the renaming of a field, and much more. You can then automap those changes if necessary.  Additional workflow benefits include out-of-the-box lead segmentation and lead-to-account matching, among many others. Use these features in the sync pipeline for contact and company data — they not only enhance your software but also improve your team’s abilities within Jira’s platform. 

Get started with Syncari for Jira

Test drive Syncari today or request a custom demo. To understand how to get going with Jira in your Syncari instance, refer to the Jira Platform Setup guide or Jira Service Management Setup guide.