The Ultimate Guide to Lead-to-Account Matching

Lead-to-account matching is an important part of your customers’ experience with your brand. But how do you do it right? Our guide will walk you through how to build a robust, scalable process.
In this ebook, you’ll learn:
▹ Why you need lead to account matching
▹ What can be automated (and what can’t)
▹ How to maintain data integrity

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Automate your processes, align your business

Lead to Account Matching for Strategic Ops Pros

Lead To Account Matching
  • Communicate the value of lead-to-account matching
  • Align sales and marketing on a process that will scale
  • Create flows that capture exceptions
  • Skill up on account normalization and data modeling
  • Assess your need for data automation

"With Syncari, we're no longer constrained by Salesforce frameworks or APEX know-how. We can outline our ideal business processes, implement them at speed using Syncari, and have confidence we can respond quickly when the underlying business requirements inevitably change."

Inkling's Channa Heng
Channa Heng

Director of Revenue Operations, Inkling