Sync customers, charges and accounts with Stripe

One of the most frequently requested Synapses in Syncari is Stripe – a service that provides payment processing software and APIs for SaaS businesses, e-commerce websites and mobile applications – and we’re excited to announce we’ve created a Stripe Synapse.

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A common gap in any Customer 360 initiative is data related to billings and payments. The workaround? Reps in sales, support and success either engage customers with incomplete information or they waste precious time playing “telephone tag” with contacts in the Finance department to get a full view. And any quote to cash automations stall out when this information isn’t accessible in near-real-time.

Stripe integration Syncari uses Synapses to align revenue data and statefully sync records across your tech stack whenever changes occur.  See all the data sources we keep in sync in the Synapse Library.

How to align, augment and activate data from Stripe

With the new Stripe Synapse, these gaps disappear. Syncari aligns data from Stripe with data from any other system in your tech stack. With this data in place, you can take actions like creating a customer or distributing data like existing charges, products and prices with key stakeholders in the systems where they work – like your CRM.

Connecting Stripe with Syncari also makes it easy for you to run custom calculations for MRR and ARR.  Another way to use data in Stripe is to set payment intents to accept a payment or account and read charge details to anticipate which accounts need customer success intervention because of a failed card.

Stripe data The Stripe Synapse aligns payments detail with the rest of your customer data to create a complete, accurate view.

Why Syncari?

Making Stripe work with the rest of your revenue tech stack isn’t easy. Talk to us if you’d like to uplevel the experience of dealing with data in Stripe and create an aligned view of your data across systems that benefits multiple teams in your organization. With Syncari, you’ll be building a distributed source of truth that makes connecting systems a repeatable process, not an unknown journey.

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