Case Study

eLearning Company Accelerates Revenue Growth With Unified, Trusted Data

Employee Enablement Company automates core sales and marketing workflows and optimizes BI reporting with clean, unified data to capitalize on unprecedented demand for digital onboarding.

About Customer

As demand for e-learning and digital onboarding experiences spiked in 2020, the company was well-positioned. Unfortunately, when the influx of new demand started flowing into their 10-year-old CRM, the jumbled mess of new data slowed the company’s potential growth. The company used Syncari to restore CRM data integrity, enhance BI reporting with unified data, and automate core revenue processes, allowing their team to create better alignment between sales and marketing.


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The Challenge

The eLearning company inherited 10+years of data across Salesforce, Netsuite, Marketo, and various business systems. Gearing for rapid growth, the RevOps team wanted to get access to “good data” faster. They found the following gaps in their data, processes, and tools:

  • Years of inherited custom coded APEX were  difficult for change management and maintenance.
  • Lead and contact leakage, and failed routing.
  • Key customer data such as billings, product usage date, and attribution trapped in department data and technology silos.
  • Lack of executive alignment on data as new demand came pouring in.

The Approach

The Director of Revenue Operations began evaluating point solutions. During evaluation, new requirement emerged to stand-up a data warehouse to enable cross-functional reporting on complete GTM data. She identified key functional gaps to automate and streamline data quality, inconsistency, and team alignment:

  • standardization
  • normalization
  • data quality

The Solution

The team selected Syncari as the only complete, no-code solution to fill the following gaps:

  • Automate strict Lead to Account Matching and Routing processes (e.g. direct email or domain match) in days with Syncari’s pre-built templates
  • Extend LTAM automations with specific business logic and multi-vendor enrichment services without writing code.
  • Replace brittle Salesforce APEX workarounds with Syncari data pipelines to achieve near-realtime attribution population
  • Unify, normalize, dedupe and sync data across Salesforce, Marketo, NetSuite and PostgreSQL databases for a complete 360 of customer, marketing, finance, and product usage data
  • Connecting the existing BI tool into Syncari’s out-of-the-box operational data hub
  • Keep operational and BI dashboards in sync with trusted data everywhere