Product Features

Product Features

Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) Platform Features

Syncari is a new synchronization platform that uses a central store for creating self-healing data integrations between connected applications.  Our data centric, versus a connector centric, approach leverages this store to deliver faster time to value, increased data consistency, and powerful data operations across SaaS applications.  

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Visual Designer

  • An easy to use drag and drop interface for managing data flow

  • Powerful real-time pipelines to automate data management and business processes 

  • Hundreds of prebuilt functions and actions that require no coding to use, while creating powerful visual data operations

Intelligent Connections

  • Our Synapses automatically map core fields across cloud applications

  • Understands and triggers target system workflows, such as execute campaign, sales tasks, and support escalations

  • Monitors schema changes and applies changes across all connected systems

Advanced Machine Learning

  • Easy to use predictive scoring, sentiment analysis, and regression models


  • Create new global intelligent fields (e.g. Customer Sentiment) that can be synchronized across connected systems


  • Syncari AI Workbench allows you to create custom models in a few clicks

Governance and Compliance

  • Ability to control what gets synced where using tags

  • Audit reports that describe how data flows across connected systems for SOX compliance

  • Unsubscribe and delete workflows that propagate to all connected systems for GDPR compliance

Sync Functions and Actions

  • Hundreds of data hygiene functions and connected system specific actions


  • Custom function support for business specific routines


  • Custom actions for business specific process management

Advanced Data Quality

  • Powerful data quality transformations and enforcement with easy to use functions

  • Automated data merging and deduplication of records between all connected applications 

  • Flexible sync filtering between systems, useful in a maintaining multi-instance, multi-organization SaaS configurations

Automatic Data Mapping and Sync

  • Stateful synchronization that ensures self-healing, transactional consistency across connected systems

  • Define data authorities to handle conflicts and automated data repairs

  • Full schema synchronization, new, removed fields, or renamed fields

Referential Datasets

  • Out-of-the-box reference and enrichment data for companies, countries, cities, zip codes

  • Import custom datasets via CSV file upload or cloud storage

  • Supports data pipeline enrichment with Clearbit and FullContact

Visual Data Quality and Health Metrics

  • Quickly see the health of your data quality, including inactionable records, missing data, and unenriched records

  • Dashboard key indicators of duplicates removed, records merged, enriched contacts and account across all your connected applications

  • Provides thresholds, tracking, and visibility of API usage across all connected systems

The Catastrophic Costs of Bad Data

Our eBook on the Catastrophic Cost of Bad Data: And an Irrefutable Case for AI Sync discusses how Syncari's Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform helps you use intelligent synchronization to solve your data integration, data quality, and data governance problems across your enterprise SaaS stack.