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Evan Dunn runs growth marketing and demand generation at Syncari, after growth and performance marketing stints at Airwallex and Convoy.

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Defining Data Excellence with Eliya Elon [Interview]

Eliya Elon has been blazing trails since he was a teenager. His career kickstarted when he was 15: “My parents went bankrupt so I dropped out of school to work,” he explains. “I started my first business—the second CrossFit gym…

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The Single Source of Truth has breathed its last

You would think that by now, the “Single Source of Truth” would be here already. At this point in the history of SaaS, there should be a beautifully streamlined process that makes a single warehouse of integrated information easily accessible,…

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Limitations of Data Integration Methods: ETL vs. ELT vs. Reverse ETL

When it comes to integrating and distributing data, your results are only as good as your methods. Unifying and synchronizing data from various sources and systems helps business teams find the best revenue signals and directs them to the most…

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How to Create a Lead Scoring Model

Prospecting leads is a great first step in any sales process. Qualifying (or scoring) your leads is how you value and prioritize them to build lasting relationships.  How do you identify and separate high-value leads from potentially low-yielding ones? What…

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Salesforce Deduplication and Beyond: How to Dedupe Leads Across Your Stack

Salesforce deduplication is crucial to successful go-to-market. Cleaning and deduping data are essential processes to ensure your sales and marketing teams are routing leads to the proper accounts and working with the best and most complete version of customer data…

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How Metadata Built a Unified View of Their Customers

Today, Sam Bowley, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations, and the Metadata team are using Syncari to unify their customer data and build the all-important “single view of customer.” We sat down with Sam to get a glimpse into what brought…

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A Simple Guide to Lead Routing For Marketing and Sales Teams

What is lead routing? Lead routing, also known as lead distribution or assignment, is the process of distributing qualified leads to the best-suited sales representatives in your organization. This means qualifying leads against set criteria and assigning them to the…

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What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

It’s the driving value proposition of customer data platforms (CDP). They help gather, clean, and make sense of customer data collected from various sources and software to improve and personalize sales and marketing activities to specific customer profiles. What exactly…

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What is Lead-to-Account Matching?

Every business must attract qualified leads to thrive. However, acquiring leads is only the start of the customer journey. Nurturing and offering personalized value to identified leads is what ensures prospective customers convert into paying customers. This is where lead-to-account…

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Toss a Coin to Your Ops Pro

As I was re-bingeing season 1 to prep for The Witcher’s season 2 release next Friday, I couldn’t help but see the parallels between Geralt of Rivia and our friendly neighborhood operations professional. Wait, that’s the wrong reference. (Probably because…

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Why Zero Trust Doesn’t Work For Ops Teams

A few years ago, a new term started to make the rounds in cybersecurity: Zero Trust. It essentially means instead of inherently trusting — at least a little — users within corporate systems, you instead make that user earn every…

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3 Things Your Ops Pros Aren’t Telling You

“My day rarely goes as planned.” Fun fact: the data you know and love in your GTM systems doesn’t just spring to life all nice, shiny, and clean. Your ops pros are the ones making it that way, and it…

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The Problems With Corporate Retail Therapy

For the past decade, a lot of us in the tech industry have heard the same terms used over and over. The, at one point rather revolutionary, “cloud-first” startups have become increasingly commonplace. Looking for a SaaS app first to…

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New Syncari Report: Organizations Are Ignoring Their Chaotic, Untrustworthy Data

Our results confirmed a number of concerning factors that are leading to rampant data chaos in organizations today: trust in corporate data is at a minimum, the increased complexity in modern software structure is causing widespread issues, and the methods…

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What is Master Data Management?

As companies have evolved, the systems and applications they use have increased in both number and complexity. According to Lucidworks, corporations collect more than 7.5 sextillion gigabytes of data each day (even after regulations such as GDPR and CCPA). But…