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Evan Dunn runs growth marketing and demand generation at Syncari, after growth and performance marketing stints at Airwallex and Convoy.

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Getcensus pricing: find if it is worth the cost?

With the aid of Census, users may synchronize data from their database with all their business apps for operational analytics. The information needed to improve functionality, workflows confidently, and other processes are provided to the business team. The software allows…

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The Ultimate Automate IO Review: Everything you need to know

When it comes to managing your team requires more than just strategies and plans! You also need the right management tool to ease your work as a team operator. With the help of Automate IO, many business owners and even…

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Zapier vs. Workato – Which one would you choose?

In the IT world, there is a heated dispute between Workato vs. Zapier. Software-based options that come under the iPaaS umbrella include Workato and Zapier. It might be difficult for a customer to choose the best option out of the…

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HighTouch Pricing: Is this tool worth the money?

Customers can easily sync customer data from a data warehouse with technologies like CRMs, email programs, and ad networks using HighTouch. They use SQL and, without engineering assistance, sync data to numerous tools from any source (data warehouses, spreadsheets). Your…

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Tray IO Pricing: Is it worth your money?

Tray IO has always been one of the top integrated tools in the industry. Users have always appreciated it, whether it be the Tray IO pricing or even the features. It even offers tons of benefits to small and mid-sized…

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Celigo Cost: Is This Integration Platform Worth Your Money?

Introduction Celigo is a comprehensive Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution that enables straightforward and quick integration, allowing organizations of all sizes to link their services. Numerous companies count on it to integrate their cloud apps and synchronize data, automate tasks, and…

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Top 6 Alternatives to Celigo that are worth trying (2023 Edition)

What is Celigo? Celigo is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution that enables IT to empower business teams to create, operate, and track their business processes while assuring consistent best practices, integrate data, data protection, and flexibility to fulfill the demands…

B2B Customer Data Model
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The B2B Customer Data Model: why it matters and how to build one

Software companies and other business services organizations almost universally underestimate the importance of a B2B customer data model. For all the hype around customer 360 and customer data unification – even b2b customer data platforms are having a moment –…

HubSpot launched Data Quality tools, a Syncari graphic
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HubSpot’s New Data Quality Command Center

If you’re in RevOps and HubSpot is your CRM, then you’re always watching for product updates. It’s likely you heard about HubSpot’s new Data Quality tools. What is the HubSpot Data Quality Command Center? In September 2022, HubSpot launched a…

Syncari G2 Fall Awards
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Fall G2 Reports: Every company needs data quality

Your go-to-market lives or dies depending on the quality of your data. This is true across the board, from the information available on a lead, to customer attributes, to product usage and billing. Even if you don’t position as a…

HubSpot Deduplication
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HubSpot Deduplication

HubSpot is well known for its marketing automation and CRM tools. And it’s slowly taking over the market for young start-ups that prioritize ease of use and out-of-the-box functionality.  But as with any database, it’s inevitable that certain integrations and…

Computer algorithms and software language displayed on a screen
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Data Deduplication Software

Data Deduplication Software Guide 1 Challenges of data replication 2 What is data deduplication? 2 How does deduplication work? 3 How to select the best deduplication software 4 Step 1: Inspect your backup environment 4 Step 2: Establish how much…

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Defining Data Excellence with Eliya Elon [Interview]

Eliya Elon has been blazing trails since he was a teenager. His career kickstarted when he was 15: “My parents went bankrupt so I dropped out of school to work,” he explains. “I started my first business—the second CrossFit gym…

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The Single Source of Truth has breathed its last

You would think that by now, the “Single Source of Truth” would be here already. At this point in the history of SaaS, there should be a beautifully streamlined process that makes a single warehouse of integrated information easily accessible,…

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Limitations of Data Integration Methods: ETL vs. ELT vs. Reverse ETL

When it comes to integrating and distributing data, your results are only as good as your methods. Unifying and synchronizing data from various sources and systems helps business teams find the best revenue signals and directs them to the most…

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How to Create a Lead Scoring Model

Prospecting leads is a great first step in any sales process. Qualifying (or scoring) your leads is how you value and prioritize them to build lasting relationships.  How do you identify and separate high-value leads from potentially low-yielding ones? What…

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Salesforce Deduplication and Beyond: How to Dedupe Leads Across Your Stack

Salesforce deduplication is crucial to successful go-to-market. Cleaning and deduping data are essential processes to ensure your sales and marketing teams are routing leads to the proper accounts and working with the best and most complete version of customer data…

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How Metadata Built a Unified View of Their Customers

Today, Sam Bowley, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations, and the Metadata team are using Syncari to unify their customer data and build the all-important “single view of customer.” We sat down with Sam to get a glimpse into what brought…