Boomi vs Workato: Comparing which iPaaS Platform to choose?

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It takes a lot of data analysis to run a business in the twenty-first century. But, with more demands than ever, project managers become overburdened. It has resulted in lowering productivity and made it harder to overcome hurdles! As a result, integrated platforms (iPaaS) like Dell Boomi, Workato, Syncari, and other automation technologies are gaining popularity. In this article, you will learn about iPaaS, integrated platforms, Boomi vs Workato, and its best alternative, Syncari. Before starting the comparison, let’s dig deeper into the integrated platforms and how they benefit you.

What is iPaaS?

Software applications deployed in various environments can be integrated using a collection of automated tools known as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). iPaaS is frequently used by large enterprises that operate enterprise-level other systems to integrate apps and data stored on-premises and in public & private clouds.

An iPaaS software platform typically offers pre-built connections, rules, maps, and transformations that streamline application design development and coordinate integration flows. In addition, some iPaaS providers provide bespoke development kits to update outdated apps and add features like support for mobile devices, social platform integration, and business data management.

Although IT departments can handle integration independently, it is occasionally more practical and cost-effective to transfer that management responsibility to a third-party iPaaS vendor.

Benefits of iPaas :

Even though not all iPaaS platforms and tools offer the same specific interfaces, they generally support the same methodologies for integrating different apps, media, and systems. Typical iPaaS capabilities include the following:

  • The simplicity with which platform deployment, data integration, and app administration operations can be carried out.
  • The depth to which integration toolsets and pre-built data connections can be customized; the degree of support available for both SaaS and locally hosted applications;
  • Elasticity to formulate specialized connectors and alter access techniques;
  • alacrity to aid protocols like HTTP, FTP, Open Data Protocol, and Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol;
  • The skill to clean, transform, and process data in formats like XML and JSON;
  • Assistance for real-time order processing and batch data integration;
  • Monitoring for negligences, latency, resource utilization, and workflow execution;
  • Safety measures for access control, data encryption, and isolated sign-on integrations.


What is Boomi?



Businesses can grow their operations and automate the middle-stage data transformation for their customers using the Dell Boomi application. It facilitates simple integration and connection with business process systems. Dell Boomi provides strong integration and connectivity solutions to support commercial endeavors.

Tasks Performed by Dell Boomi

Boomi can perform a variety of valuable tasks for companies of all sizes. You have all the tools necessary to build and maintain integrations between two or more endpoints with the Dell Boomi platform. Listed below are the tasks that can be performed by Boomi efficiently:

Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

Dell Boomi can take data from one program, format it as needed, and then load it into a database or another application. All IPaaS apps and software are built on top of this, and Boomi does it diligently.

Master Data Hub

Dell Boomi can serve as the central repository for your company’s data. You can eliminate departmental boundaries and information silos by analyzing your data in a single application.

Boomi’s B2B/EDI Management

This feature allows you to replace your existing EDI solution by supporting all trade partner interactions and creating standards.

API Management

Using an ETL tool allows you to design and deploy customized APIs swiftly. It also enables you to connect easily with partners, clients, and third parties.


Create unique workflows that automate procedures using Boomi’s in-built features.

What is Workato?

Workato logo


Workato is an enterprise automation technology that supports businesses in automating data integration and company operations. It can manage integrations, construct and automate workflows, and gather data from numerous sources.

Workato is a cloud-based, low-code/no-code iPaaS solution housed on the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services’ public cloud architecture (AWS). Everything you produce here is a drag-and-drop application component. And, like Google Drive, you conduct it online.

Both developers and non-developers can use Workato. Its drag-and-drop interface makes workflow creation simple, even for those without programming knowledge.

It allows integration for various applications, from sales to support to marketing. Additionally, it offers an integrated API that enables access to many features without needing any coding expertise. The platform is built to scale and dramatically reduce operating costs and business expenses.

Tasks Performed by Workato

Let’s dive in to learn the power of Workato and the tasks it can perform seamlessly:

Business-Grade Foundation

The Workato platform provides an extensive feature set, including integrating apps, data, and people to address real-world issues. Cloud-based systems and on-premises are both supported. Impressive performance, security, robustness, and dependability are all features of the runtime system.

Citizen Integrators

Workato is the only integration platform made particularly to enable a unified design interface for developer/IT and citizen integrators. It guarantees that citizens and IT have access to the same ease-of-use-driven productivity improvements while giving citizens the same power and capability as IT.

Chatbot Integration

Workato offers a chat-based bot-building platform for creating engaging UX focused on integrations and processes (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, and IBM Workspace).

IT Leadership

Any platform that allows users to work with company data must meet the crucial need for governance. A management solution called Workato Aegis offers cross-enterprise insight into users and usage, integration procedures, and connected applications.

Workato facilitates communication between business and IT users and supports distributing multiple degrees of accountability and visibility within the platform. It makes it possible to put policies into place, enforce them, and enhance security & governance for all Workato users within an organization.

Scalable Platform

Workato is a platform that can be expanded to enable other apps in addition to the numerous pre-built ones that are already accessible. Without writing any code, connectivity with numerous devices is possible, thanks to its effective and customizable REST data connector.

For situations where custom development is necessary, Workato additionally offers a Connector SDK that manages and abstracts different aspects of application and data interaction.

Adding features from the REST connection or using the SDK can expand existing connectors. Additionally, a public API enables control of recipes from applications developed by third parties.

Boomi vs Workato: which is a better Alternative?

As you have insights about iPaaS, different automation platforms, and the tasks they perform, let’s compare Boomi vs Workato, and analyze which one caters to your business requirements.


A well-liked option among ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tools, Workato has thousands of pleased clients. It provides instantaneous outcomes from business activities without the need for coding.

The platform uses cutting-edge technology and machine intelligence for quick and seamless service.

SaaS startups, IT teams, and e-commerce organizations can benefit from this corporate automation platform.


On the other hand, Boomi is a fully functional iPaaS platform that offers a low-code user interface for the workflows, integration of data sources, applications, and more in the cloud and on-premises.

For medium-sized and big firms, the platform also provides API management, data preparation, and master data management services to the user. Dell acquired Boomi in 2010.

Let’s compare both the platforms on these 2 aspects:

  • Connectors and Databases


Over 600 connectors for various databases, SaaS programs, files, analytics tools, and other platforms are available in the Workato connector library to the user. Additionally, the platform offers a Universal Integrations service that enables customers to design unique connectors for data sources that aren’t specified.


While more than 1000 different endpoints, including cloud and on-premises apps like NetSuite, SAP, Salesforce, etc., can be connected to Boomi natively. The platform divides these connectors into three categories: technology connectors, event-driven connectors, and application connectors. In addition, Boomi’s Java-based SDK enables developers to build original connectors.

  • Customer Support and Training


Workato offers customer service through a support ticket system and online discussion boards. These are supplemented by training materials and manuals offered through a knowledge base, tutorial classes, blogs, eBooks, and biweekly live sessions.


Boomi’s clients have access to email assistance. However, customers with elite subscriptions can access live chat and opt for phone help. The platform also offers a specific support section with plenty of details about the company’s goods and services. The company’s user forums also give clients access to peer-to-peer support.

Which one will you choose?

Well, that’s where Syncari comes into the picture!

Syncari is a VC-backed company founded by revenue leaders from Marketo, MuleSoft, and Workato. It is a pioneer in revenue operations (RevOps) and data automation. RevOps teams can align, evaluate, and activate trusted customer data with the help of Syncari.

Syncari speeds up the normalization and standardization of data to produce a distributed truth across the tech stack through strong data management, workflow, and multi-directional sync.

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The following are the key features of Syncari :

  • Cross-system stateful synchronization of your business data
  • Management of data schema and authorities
  • Data transformation, normalization, and enrichment
  • Instant GTM data warehouse
  • Workflow automation and data orchestration
  • Cutting-Edge Data Automation Platform
  • Using the Same Data With No Mess
  • Data-First Policy
  • Data Management and Data Integration

Syncari – RevOps Data Automation

Users can align, examine, and activate hundreds of millions of records with the help of Syncari, which also powers tens of thousands of RevOps Automation.

Syncari is now the only platform for RevOps to scale businesses effectively since it offers a wide range of solutions to share reliable data and automate workflows throughout the GTM tech stack.

With Syncari, your team can democratize data, greatly enhance data quality and consistency, and streamline operations between business units.

Syncari ensures that data in one or more applications are continuously consistent, enabling universal access to the sources of truth.

What Solution Syncari offers?

The following are the possibilities and solutions :

Sales: Forecasting, deduplication, and merger.

Finance: Quota-to-cash, revenue reconciliation, corporate subscriptions, and person mapping.

Marketing: Data augmentation, scoring, lead routing, ABM dashboards, lead-to-account matching, product usage analytics, and actionable insights.

Data teams: multi-directional sync, unifying records with a UID, aligning and controlling data schema across platforms.

Customer Success: 360-degree customer feedback, attrition reduction, automated onboarding, and health analysis.

Syncari Insights, a no-code multi-system analytics platform, offers dynamic, full-funnel visibility into the performance of the go-to-market (GTM) process.

Syncari Insights does not require expensive data extraction, transformation, storage, or preparation investments compared to other revenue intelligence systems. These are built-in features of Syncari’s comprehensive data automation platform, which accelerates and optimizes enterprises’ transition to a data-driven culture.

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Automation is a path to greater success, whether you are running a small or medium-sized firm, an individual with a freelancing service, or have a team. They ultimately enhance productivity and save you a lot of time.

The amount of data collected by CRM, marketing automation, and ERP systems in businesses is overwhelming. When critical operating teams must agree on whether data reflects reality, productivity suffers and revenue targets become more difficult to meet. Set up a meeting to discuss how Syncari can help you with your data issues.

You can choose between these automation platforms Boomi vs Workato vs Syncari to enhance your business and lessen the hassle.

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