Syncari for workflow automation

Eliminate manual work and automate cross-departmental processes without writing code.

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Syncari for workflow automation
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No-code, high-powered

Automation for Sales, Marketing and RevOps Pros

Unleash Ops productivity

Empower Ops pros to automate manual, repetitive processes with drag-and-drop functions and templates.

Restore data integrity

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-system workflows by ensuring every system speaks the same language.

Adapt to change with ease

Add new sources or change schemas, then apply updates globally across workflows and evolve faster.

We had been working to normalize data between NetSuite and HubSpot for a year. Syncari was able to 1-click integrate with both systems and give me an end-to-end picture of my customer data in days.

Nick Talbert

Director, Digital Marketing and Operations, Certner

Your GTM tech stack. Working as one.

Automate with unified, trusted data

Drag-and-Drop Functions

Build with clicks, not code, using our ever-growing library Synapses, drag-and-drop functions, pre-configured mappings and automatic data transformations.

Quickstart Templates

Address common use cases like Merge, Dedupe, Lead to Account Matching, Lead Routing and Quote to Cash with best practice templates.

Quickstart Templates

Unified Data Model

Automate workflows within a particular system, across two systems, or across every system with data normalized by Syncari’s unified data model and avoid creating an integration spiderweb.

Resilient, multi-directional sync

Keep cross-system data aligned with our patent-pending transactional engine that maintains state and governs data across every connected system automatically, while being resilient to endpoint outages and changes.

Resilient, multi-directional sync
Resilient, multi-directional sync

Triggers and Notifications

Configure workflows to kickoff when a field is updated or new record is submitted. Add humans to workflows via email or Slack alerts.

Transaction Replay

Inspect workflows to ensure they executed as intended from a unified view of cross-system data and an auditable log that tracks every data transaction and let's you roll back unapproved changes.

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Request a Custom Demo

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