HubSpot + Outreach Automation and Integration

What is HubSpot? 

HubSpot develops and markets software products and services for a range of customers. Businesses of all sizes (from start-ups to enterprises) rely on HubSpot’s platform either as a CRM for their sales teams, or as a marketing automation tool to engage current and prospective customers.

What is Outreach?

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps start-ups, small- to medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises turn leads into customers. 

The Outreach platform streamlines sales outreach activities and provides insights to sales leadership so they can close more deals faster. 

Why integrate HubSpot with Outreach?

If you use HubSpot for your CRM or marketing automation, and Outreach for sales engagement, you need to ensure data is matching across both platforms. Most likely if you’re reading this, HubSpot is your CRM rather than just MAP.

Your accounts and contacts should sync up from HubSpot to Outreach. And any activity from an Outreach sales team should be visible to marketing teams at HubSpot.

Integrating HubSpot and Outreach data optimizes your business’s operational processes by allowing sales and marketing teams to better manage customers and their accounts through custom fields, contact mapping, and more. 

What is the best way to sync HubSpot with Outreach?

There are a couple ways to sync HubSpot with Outreach. Here are your integration options:

  • Native sync using HubSpot or Outreach
  • iPaaS tools (Outreach to HubSpot and back)

Common problems with HubSpot and Outreach integrations

Importing issues are a common problem with HubSpot and Outreach integrations because data files sometimes import inaccurately. For instance, there might be duplicate or missing data. Account and contact deduplication efforts are difficult across these platforms, and tend to be highly manual.

In fact, the HubSpot user community has quite a few discussions of workarounds needed for Outreach to sync with HubSpot, particularly where deduplication/multiples are concerned. While the community moderators consider the workarounds a solution (who can blame them?), ultimately there needs to be a better way for operators to sync data reliably. Ideally one that doesn’t feel like duct-tape or band-aids.

If you use iPaaS tools, activity tracking is only available in small bits making it difficult to monitor the happenings on each tool platform. That’s because iPaaS works well if you only need to sync one or two fields. But if you need full records managed in both locations, you’ve got to turn to higher-powered solution.

Intro to Syncari for HubSpot to Outreach sync

Syncari is a RevOps automation platform that unifies and manages data across all your go-to-market systems. These systems include marketing automation, data enrichment, CRM, customer success tools, sales engagement, ERP, and finance. 

Many HubSpot admins look to external tools to fix up their HubSpot to Outreach data sync, rather than using the native sync.

The difference with Syncari is twofold:

  1. The level of control you get over your data is unparalleled. Deploy your own deduplication and merge logic, field level mappings, and data schema across all your tools. You can determine if HubSpot should be the source of truth, or if there are fields you want to pull from Outreach to enrich HubSpot, for instance.
  2. The ability to control object sync between HubSpot and Outreach, and with other tools simultaneously is also unmatched. Determine timing in cross-object workflows to manage those pesky sync delays that ruin native integrations. Go beyond ETL and iPaaS point integrations into a new realm of field-level control.

Because data is constantly moving across several platforms at any given time, managing it isn’t always easy. With Syncari, you can simplify the process from start to finish by statefully synchronizing your data from a range of sources.

How to sync HubSpot with Outreach using Syncari

You can route data from objects in HubSpot and Outreach to select entities in Syncari, similar to how our Hubspot Salesforce integration works. Our Sync Studio allows you to see periodic data updates from deduplication, enrichment, and cleansing in near real time — all before it’s stored in Syncari. 

The HubSpot Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Company
  • Contact
  • Owner
  • Ticket
  • Product

The Outreach Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Account
  • Prospect
  • Opportunity
  • Ticket

Contact Syncari 

If you’re interested in simplified, reliable data synchronization, you can start a free 30-day trial, or request a custom demo with Syncari today. We offer multiple tool-pairing solutions to automate and organize your entire business.