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What is Outreach?

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps companies turn prospects into customers. It lets RevOps pipeline their leads so they can ultimately close more deals.  In addition to streamlining sales, it provides conversation intelligence and revenue intelligence solutions. These three areas integrate seamlessly to benefit RevOps’ profit. 

Outreach Data Model

The Syncari Synapse for Outreach synchronizes data from the following objects and workflows:

  • Account
  • Prospect
  • Opportunity
  • Ticket
  • Mailing
  • Role
  • Task priority
  • SequenceState
  • SequenceStep
  • Call
  • Call Disposition

Benefits of using Syncari for Outreach Sync 

The Syncari Synapse for Outreach provides ongoing bidirectional synchronization between the two platforms. All Outreach objects are mappable to entities in Syncari using our powerful Sync Studio.  If any records within Outreach objects are modified, those changes will sync into Syncari in near real time. These routine syncs provide flexible conflict resolution, especially in cases where several updates are made to a single record.  Additionally, all data can be deduped, enriched, and cleansed before it’s stored in Syncari. Whether data flows from a single system or multiple systems, you can rest assured that all your files are in one safe place.  Frequent and accurate syncs with Syncari will improve communication within your company, as well as create more reliable access to information. 

Intro to Syncari for Outreach Sync

Syncari is a RevOps automation platform dedicated to unifying data across all your systems and go-to-market teams. We specialize in marketing automation, data enrichment, sales engagement, CRM, finance, ERP, and customer success tools.  Our goal is to provide stateful synchronization among all your data sources. Most RevOps have information flowing across several platforms, but our simplified integration process makes syncing, managing, and monitoring your data easier than ever. 

Get Started with Syncari for Outreach

Test drive Syncari today or request a custom demo. To understand how to get going with Outreach in your Syncari instance, refer to the support setup guide.