HubSpot + Zendesk Automation and Integration

What is HubSpot? 

HubSpot is a sales and marketing platform that offers products such as CRM, Sales Hub, and Marketing Hub to teams ranging from start-ups to enterprises.

With HubSpot, you can promote inbound marketing and sales, help retain customers and customer loyalty, and enhance your customer service process. 

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a help desk support platform that unifies customer support and experience. Businesses in an array of industries and sectors use Zendesk. 

It offers support, chat, explore, guide, talk, and connect options within its main hub so you can actively support your customers. 

Why integrate HubSpot with Zendesk?

The HubSpot and Zendesk integration allows your marketing, sales, and customer service teams to optimize how you work with and access data from both sources. 

Whether you’re syncing data from stages, opens, tags, or some other value, you can better manage your customers and their accounts with deduplicated files and a main hub. 

What’s the best way to sync HubSpot with Zendesk?

There are two ways to integrate HubSpot with Zendesk. Here are your sync strategy options:

  • Native sync using HubSpot or Zendesk
  • iPaaS tools (Zendesk to HubSpot and back)

Common problems with HubSpot and Zendesk integration

Native sync between HubSpot and Zendesk is extremely limited. 

Sometimes Zendesk tickets aren’t visible to every HubSpot user. The usual solution is to show the original ticket in Zendesk so users can read it.

However, many people end up turning to iPaaS tools for a faster solution. The main concern is that data between HubSpot and Zendesk doesn’t always sync correctly. Instead, iPaaS tools push a few fields one direction or another. 

If a user makes a change in HubSpot, will it reflect in Zendesk? That depends on how many workflows are built out in the iPaaS tools.

This quickly becomes untenable. If you have to build out a couple dozen workflows to sync data between the two systems, what happens with downtime or an error in one workflow? Untangling “no-code” debt can be incredibly frustrating.

For true real-time, multidirectional sync, you need an automation platform dedicated to managing Zendesk, HubSpot, and other integrations together in a unified data model.

Intro to Syncari for HubSpot to Zendesk sync

Syncari is a RevOps automation platform that unifies data across all your go-to-market systems. Whether your data concerns customer success tools, CRM, marketing automation, sales engagement, data enrichment, finance, or ERP, this synapse provides a comprehensive solution.

With Syncari, you can actively sync records between Zendesk and HubSpot. Zendesk Organizations match Companies, Users match Contacts, and even Custom Objects in Zendesk map accordingly in HubSpot. You control both the logic and the outcome.

And it’s codeless.

Managing data isn’t always easy, especially because it routinely moves across several platforms. But with Syncari, your data is statefully synchronized — no matter the source. 

How to sync HubSpot with Zendesk using Syncari

You can route data from objects within HubSpot and Zendesk to select entities within Syncari. Our Sync Studio allows you to see periodic data updates, ranging from enrichment and cleansing to deduplication, in near real time before those data updates are stored. 

The HubSpot Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Company
  • Contact
  • Owner
  • Ticket
  • Product

The Zendesk Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Group
  • User
  • Ticket
  • Organization
  • Sentiment objects
  • Custom objects

Contact Syncari 

If you’re interested in simplified, reliable data synchronization, you can start a free 30-day trial, or request a custom demo with Syncari today. We offer multiple tool-pairing solutions to automate and organize your entire business.