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What is Zendesk? 

Zendesk provides products centered around sales, customer support, and other communications-related services. 

With the goal of keeping business operations in sync, Zendesk builds software to bridge the gap between your team and customers’ needs. 

Zendesk data model

Syncari facilitates bidirectional synchronization. Using it, you can route your customer support and customer engagement objects data to set entities in Syncari. 

The Zendesk Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Group
  • User
  • Ticket
  • Organization
  • Sentiment Objects
  • Custom Objects

Out-of-the-box dedupe, merge, sentiment analysis, and other functions are available in Syncari. You can use those functions in the sync pipeline for the aforementioned objects.

Intro to Syncari for Zendesk sync

Syncari is a purpose-built RevOps automation platform designed to unify data across all your go-to-market (GTM) systems. 

Our software meets you where your data needs exist — whether they entail sales engagement, marketing solutions, finance management, ERP, customer success tools, enrichment efforts, data deduplication, or something else altogether. 

Regardless of how many data sources you work with, the complexity of your records, or the amount of data you have, Syncari simplifies unification from start to finish. 

Our Sync Studio allows you to amplify your deduplication efforts, merge logic, and monitor and manage your data over time. With Sync Studio, you can look forward to building healthy lead management and quote-to-cash workflows. 

Benefits of using Syncari for Zendesk sync

With Zendesk Synapse, you can synchronize data from Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sunshine into Syncari and other systems. 

Our powerful Sync Studio allows you to map your customer support and customer engagement object data flowing from different systems into entities in Syncari. It automatically detects any changes to object records, and you can automap these objects to Syncari entities.

Our flexible conflict resolution strategy allows you to enrich, dedupe, and cleanse your data (such as from Zendesk Sunshine) before storing it in Syncari. This is especially helpful in cases where you notice multiple updates for the same record.

You can also engage with existing contacts by finding new leads to map back to your contact and account data. To more effectively monitor communication between your team and customers (as well as improve your CRM), customers can connect Zendesk with Syncari to quickly and easily unify their data. 

Contact Syncari 

If you’re ready to get started, try a free 30-day trial or request a custom demo with Syncari today. We offer multiple synapse and tool-pairing solutions to organize and automate your entire business.