Case Study

Leading Revenue Growth Management (RGM) Company Cuts Time Wasted on Data Quality by 75%

Experiencing exponential growth, the RGM company partnered with Syncari to automate manual work and align teams with a complete view of the merchant journey.

About Customer

A leading Revenue Growth Management platform company is at the forefront of the global subscription eCommerce boom, powering some of the fastest-growing SaaS and subscription-based companies in the world. As the subscription economy took off and businesses around the world began developing and expanding recurring relationships with their customers, the company found itself facing a new set of challenges as it experienced hypergrowth.


team time savings


improvement in data quality

The Challenge

Rapidly quadrupling in size and becoming a multi-channel marketing organization had pushed company’s 35+ tool tech stack to its limits. The initial mappings and manual integrations that the team had put in place, including tools like Zapier, were feeling the strain as new systems were added to the stack.

“There seemed to be an issue every 45 days,” recalls the Director Of Marketing Operations. “Either we would hit our API quota, or they would have some sort of outage — it just wasn’t reliable.” Single accounts were owned by different people across multiple platforms, and orchestrating notifications to reach the correct account owners across HubSpot, Freshsales, and Salesloft proved particularly troublesome.

Failure to consistently send the right alerts to the right reps at the right moments put the team at risk for missed sales opportunities and unresolved customer service issues. This forced the team to dedicate an entire day each month to manually synchronize data across these systems — a frustrating process that resulted in data discrepancies and delayed insights.

The Approach

Tools like Zapier and PieSync offer very limited field-to-field, one-way data flows and are unable to ensure information is identical across systems. The team needed a solution that would multi-directionally unify data across all the tools in its tech stack and allow them to function as a single, collaborative system.

The team evaluated a number of solutions, but finding a single platform that could solve all of its data accuracy and operational struggles seemed impossible — until they found Syncari. “Syncari’s ability to peel back the layers of our ecosystem and systematically break the implementation process down into manageable chunks is what sold us,” shares Director of Marketing Operations. “No other vendor was able to give us such a clear and achievable path to success.”

With Syncari, disparate data is now automatically stitched together across systems, no manual matching required. Leads are consistently routed and assigned to the correct owners based on a cohesive and complete view of engagement across the entire customer journey. Demand generation teams also leverage Syncari’s data visualization and reporting capabilities to more accurately measure cross-channel campaign performance.

The Solution

Today, the team relies on Syncari to turbocharge its data automation efforts and is in the process of sunsetting its use of Zapier. The Director of Marketing Operations estimates that eliminating the need to export data from across systems, manually stitch it together, and fix duplicates and other inaccuracies has resulted in 75% time savings for his team.

Automating these previously manual tasks has also significantly improved data and insight quality. “With Syncari, I know our data is accurate,” says the Ops leader. “This also means the business decisions that we make have a greater impact on the company’s success.”

The demand generation team is also able to analyze campaign success and make meaningful program adjustments in near real-time, rather than waiting for data analysts to provide monthly reports. “Being able to quickly pinpoint and tweak what is and isn’t working across marketing systems and touchpoints has significantly improved campaign performance.”

The Future

The RGM Platform company is laser-focused on solving issues of data clarity and confidence for its customers, and the team appreciates that Syncari makes it seamless for them to bring new tools and data points into their current marketing technology stack. As the company continues its rapid upward trajectory, utilizing Syncari’s data automation platform to generate accurate data, processes, and workflows will remain core to its marketing and business operations.