Improved Data Quality for Data Transformation

Don’t do the ELT / Reverse ETL shuffle. Unify, transform, and sync your critical cross-system data and insights everywhere with one complete platform.

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Effortless data consistency

Get all your top systems speaking the same data language

Intelligent Synapses

Unlike traditional connectors, Syncari Synapses deeply understand end system schemas, provide deep integration for specific operations like merge and soft-delete, and manage the impact of schema changes across every connected Synapse.

Data stitching

Empower non-technical business users to easily stitch together data from disparate systems into one unified data model, something that — until now — required a team of data experts and a 6-12 month project. Explore, customize, and tag your unified data model from an enterprise data dictionary.

Codeless transformation

Remove duplicates, augment records with pre-loaded reference data, create sums and aggregates — all without writing code. Run simulated tests, or test on select live records to confirm transformations are behaving as expected before deploying to production.

Distribute insights automatically

Don’t let your data warehouse become a non-operational data silo. Syncari’s patent-pending transactional engine keeps every system in sync with trusted data and governs updates and data changes automatically, too.

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