The Definitive Guide to Data Automation

Sourced from conversations with 100+ Ops pros, this step-by-step guide covers how to make data painless for everyone in your org.
In this ebook, you’ll learn:
▹ How to automate data and workflows
▹ Who to engage in the process
▹ What value you’ll create
▹ Where to get started

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Automate your data, Align your business

A Guide for Strategic Ops Pros

Definitive Guide Table of Contents
  • Understand why data integrity is increasingly important
  • Learn why current approaches to data work aren't helping
  • Convey why solving this problem is highly strategic
  • Develop skills to automate cross-system data
  • Hear success (and horror) stories from your peers

“With Syncari, we were able to take an integration project that would have taken us at least 6 months and 4-5 engineers building custom code and accomplish the desired outcome in days with sales ops folks who’ve never coded a day in their lives.”

Chris Thompson Conga
Chris Thompson, Head of Marketing Ops