Syncari Introduces Syncari Embed to Bring Data Automation to App Ecosystems


Syncari’s platform of APIs makes it faster for companies to enhance their product with data unification, synchronization and management

A leader in revenue operations and data automation, Syncari today announced the availability of Syncari Embed, APIs that extend the power of Syncari’s data automation platform to any app ecosystem.  With Syncari Embed, customers can now deliver self-configurable integrations, reusable automations and no-code syncs as part of their own product offering. This drives market expansion, competitive differentiation, and faster product adoption.

“Today, companies spend too much time and manpower developing custom integrations into their products, where 70% of integration initiatives cost an average of $1 million, and still fall short of expectations,” said Neelesh Shastry, CTO and Co-Founder at Syncari. “With Syncari Embed, companies can augment their product or engineering teams with capabilities to deliver stateful sync between their product and their customer’s data, unlocking resiliency, quality, and integrity – faster than ever, and at a fraction of the cost.

Syncari Embed features include:

  • All-in-One Platform: Deliver embedded sync, data management, and automation via APIs powered by Syncari’s hybrid transactional and analytical processing engine.
  • 50+ Intelligent connectors: Unlike conventional connectors, Syncari Synapses quickly adapt to changes in the schema and self-heal during system failures.
  • Custom connector SDKConnect products to any application or data source that exposes an API.
  • Unified Data Model: Every data source connected to Syncari automatically normalizes to the product’s data model. Now all customer systems can speak the same data language.
  • Quick Starts: Create reusable schema syncs, data transformations, and processes. Empower teams of blended resources or customers to automate their data faster with clicks, not code.

Impartner, the global leader in SaaS-based channel management and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) has implemented Syncari to automate the company’s data ecosystem for accurate, secure IP, revenue, and prospects, among their customers’ systems.

“Inaccurate data that floats outside of Impartner PRM systems has been a chief source of frustration for many partner organizations,” said Impartner VP of Product Gary Sabin. “Our new partnership will abolish bad partner data forever. And that data can be not only shared but appended and enriched so it’s useful in each system that needs it.”

The Impartner-Syncari solution will now constantly evaluate partner data to determine if it’s correct and accurate throughout all data connections and supported company systems. Partner channels, sales teams, financial accountants, and others will know decisions they’ve made are based on the latest and most accurate data available.

Innovative sales performance management company tapped Syncari Embed to rapidly ingest data used to calculate and manage sales compensation. In the past, this data would require manual manipulation and import – which would have to be re-done whenever any of the source systems changed. Thanks to Syncari Embed, Forma clients are now able to easily ingest data and adapt to change faster.

“As clients’ datasets get more and more complex,” said David Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at, “we needed a flexible platform like Syncari to pull that data in and provide the logic to know when something is wrong with that data feed.”

Additionally, the ability to aggregate and orchestrate data across multiple lines of business became mission-critical for enablement solution provider Provarity. They needed a platform that would require minimal resources and enable them to build the right business model to maintain a unified view of their customers’ lifecycles. By delivering transparency and insight within a series of managed workflows between key stakeholders, Provarity is able to help organizations run more profitably.

“There is a level of partnership between Syncari and Provarity, from responsiveness to focus on success, that we haven’t seen with other vendors,” said Russ Lujan, CEO of Provarity. “This brings us confidence that we have the right partner supporting us as we start to grow our business.”

Use Syncari’s platform APIs to embed data management, sync, and orchestration into products. Syncari provides cost-effective access to an entire ecosystem of platforms, workflows, and unified data. By unifying and automating data across the customer journey, Syncari customers unlock efficiency and accelerate profitable growth.

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About Syncari

A leader in revenue operations (RevOps) and data automation, Syncari is a VC-backed company founded by revenue leaders from Marketo, MuleSoft, and Workato. Syncari enables RevOps teams to align, analyze, and activate trusted customer data. Through powerful data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync, Syncari accelerates the standardization and normalization of data to create a distributed truth across the tech stack. To learn more, visit