Syncari Announces New Business Momentum, Platform Capabilities and Awards

Syncari customers now align, analyze and activate hundreds of millions of customer records and power tens of thousands of revenue operations automations.

Syncari Insights

SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2022 (Newswire) – A leader in revenue operations (RevOps) and data automation, Syncari today announced new business momentum, Syncari Insights and CSV sync capabilities, and key industry awards. Syncari enables customers to align, analyze, and activate hundreds of millions of records and power tens of thousands of RevOps automations. With a wide range of solutions to distribute trusted data and automate workflows across the GTM tech stack, Syncari is now the only platform for RevOps to scale companies efficiently. 

During this economic downturn, companies must function more effectively with fewer resources. This means having access to pipeline analysis and predictable forecasting to make informed business decisions. RevOps is critical in achieving this goal by optimizing systems and processes to provide teams with reliable data and insights. Syncari customers have already realized these cost savings and faster time to value. Two years ago, Syncari launched a powerful multi-directional synchronization and data unification platform to help businesses solve costly data inconsistencies. Since then, Syncari has expanded the platform with capabilities to easily access more data sources and manage data across systems. 

“In challenging times, companies are looking for ways to do more with less operationally and organizationally,” said Neelesh Shastry, CTO and CISO at Syncari. “They need to be able to predict, forecast, and measure business performance across all GTM teams. Rather than investing millions of dollars in data experts and disjointed data stack tools, we encourage organizations to embrace distributed truth and empower their RevOps teams to align, analyze, and activate insights in every departmental source of truth.”

Syncari today announced the availability of new capabilities that provide insight into every customer interaction, allowing businesses to grow revenue more predictably.

No-code multi-system analytics, Syncari Insights delivers dynamic, full-funnel visibility into business health and go-to-market (GTM) performance. Unlike other revenue intelligence solutions, Syncari Insights does not require costly investments in data extraction, transformation, storage and prep. Those are already native capabilities of Syncari’s complete data automation platform, which helps businesses become data-driven with unprecedented speed and efficiency.  

Key features:

  • Unified data and shared metrics: Syncari automatically aligns cross-system data to a unified model and calculates metrics using shared logic, ensuring reports are complete and trusted.
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports:  Forecast GTM performance and measure business health with visualizations auto-generated by Syncari Insights using clean, multi-system data from the unified data model.
  • Cross-object reporting: A known limitation of CRM-centric reporting, Syncari Insights handles cross-object queries with zero code.
  • Insight sync: Calculations, KPIs and revenue signals can be shared with GTM teams to ensure actionable insights can be acted on in near-real-time.  

Additionally, Syncari CSV Import allows CSV file sync and management according to predefined pipeline logic. Many businesses still manually upload CSV files into disconnected systems, which hinders businesses’ ability to standardize and normalize data, exacerbating fragmented customer journeys.

Chargebee’s 35+ tool tech stack was stretched to the limit as a result of the company’s quadrupling in size and its multi-channel marketing operation. As new systems were added, the team’s manual mappings and integrations became overburdened. Today, Chargebee has saved 75% of its team’s time by relying on Syncari to accelerate its data automation, remove duplicates, and correct errors. “With Syncari, I know our data is accurate. This implies that our business choices will have a bigger influence on Chargebee’s performance,” said Mrigesh Gaurav, Director of Marketing Operations at Chargebee.

Apttus, the leader in quote-to-cash solutions, and Conga, the leader in digital document transformation, announced in May 2022 that they joined forces to create a complete digital transformation solution for commercial operations. To accelerate go-to-market initiatives identified as part of the merger, the operations teams in sales and marketing were tasked to establish a complete view of “The New Conga” within 12 months.  With Syncari, Congo’s ops pros were able to deliver this new view on a no-code platform that could be governed by IT, but didn’t require time-constrained IT resources. “The New Conga” was created by unifying data, processes, and technologies across 37 systems to unlock post-merger hypergrowth. “Syncari has given us the option to not have Salesforce as the center of our data universe. Now, any component can be at the center. And to me, that alone is worth its weight in gold,” said Chris Thompson, Head of Marketing Operations, Conga. 

As Metadata grew, its revenue operations team faced two bottom line impacting challenges: their customer health score and usage data. Metadata uses customer health scores — which depend on product usage data — to forecast renewals and upsells, as well as to predict churn rates. Unfortunately, the score was usually based on the CSM’s “gut feeling.” The second challenge was interpreting what customer usage data they had in a meaningful way. With all systems speaking the same language, Syncari generated the same product usage reports in real-time that once took the Metadata engineering team hours to compile. “The quality of life improvements that we’ve experienced from implementing Syncari has just been phenomenal. We’re finding new ways to use the platform every day, and can’t wait to see them come to fruition,” said Sam Bowley, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations, Metadata. 

Dooly wanted to be able to use their critical product usage data to make better business decisions. Due to a lack of data visibility across their systems, Dooly’s teams, from Customer Success to Sales to Marketing, were unable to make the data-driven decisions needed to not only better serve their existing customers and prospects, but also drive the company’s growth. With Syncari, Dooly was able to automate and unify customer data between Salesforce and BigQuery. “Because of Syncari, we have immediate access to customer information that helps us identify churn risks and uncover opportunities to expand revenue with our customers,” said Jenna Molby, Head of Revenue Operations at Dooly. 

Syncari has earned Leader and High Performer positions in ten G2 Summer Reports for 2022, outperforming competitors in six key categories (Identification, Correction, Normalization, Preventative Cleaning, Reporting, Automation). Syncari has also received eight G2 Summer 2022 Badges and currently enjoys a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating.

Syncari has been named one of the “Emerging Big Data Vendors to Know in 2022,” by The Channel Company (CRN) as well as a winner of Top Workplaces 2022 by San Francisco Bay Area Top Workplaces. 

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