GTM Fails: Data Edition

Aligning on your GTM strategy without aligning on the data and insights you need to both operate efficiently and measure the success of your efforts is a recipe for disaster.  Learn how to do both effectively in this panel convo.

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In this panel conversation, learn:

RevGenius GTM data fails
  • Why an SSoT approach is insufficient, be it your CRM, ERP or a data warehouse
  • How a Distributed Truth approach allows revenue leaders to Improve data accuracy and be confident in their decisions
  • What happens when every department can rely on the data in their most important system of record
  • What attributes in your ICP actually matter, and how to collect and analyze them effectively.

Hear from our talented speakers

Mollie Bodenstiner

Head of Revenue Operations, Syncari

Aaron Landgraf Head of Marketing at Syncari
Aaron Landgraf

Head of Marketing, Syncari