Healthcare Data Automation

Many healthcare organizations lack strategic planning and governance for data sharing, leading to fragmented sharing practices throughout their operations. This fragmented approach may lack necessary safeguards, potentially exposing them to risks. Moreover, it curtails the industry’s innovation potential by limiting the benefits that comprehensive data sharing can bring.

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Guide on Unifying and Securing Data in Health Tech

Healthcare Data Automation

Healthcare Data Automation
  • Conducting a cross-functional data infrastructure mapping exercise
  • The #1 reason healthcare's revenue cycle is so broken
  • Connect and use your CRP, ERP and other data
  • Unify data between Salesforce, Netsuite and Redshift
  • Automate Customer Provisioning

“With Syncari, we were able to take an integration project that would have taken us at least 6 months and 4-5 engineers building custom code and accomplish the desired outcome in days with sales ops folks who’ve never coded a day in their lives.”

Chris Thompson Conga
Chris Thompson, Head of Marketing Ops