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The tech industry has recently been shaken to its core: a looming recession, rampant layoffs, and mounting efforts to buckle down and find ways to be increasingly efficient. What organizations are starting to realize more is that data — especially the mountains of data they collect on their customers — is the key to their survival. Data-driven teams leverage Revenue Operations (RevOps) to turn customer data into insights and drive collective action.
Key Findings in our RevOps in 2023 Survey Report:
▹ Customer data without RevOps is disparate & disorganized
▹ RevOps departments inspire more confidence
▹ But there’s more work to do to align leadership with operational data needs

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The Role of RevOps in 2023 [Survey Results and Insights]

RevOps is critical to the success of organizations today.

RevOps 2023 Survey
  • Trust in data accuracy is 20% higher in organizations with RevOps.
  • Over half of organizations without RevOps say multiple departments own their GTM & operations alignment, while 11% say their needs simply aren’t met.
  • Without RevOps, organizations can’t seem to agree on who should own reporting and analytics.
  • In companies without RevOps, just 18% of operations professionals there are confident that customer data matches from system to system.

If RevOps can’t tell you the story of your data and what you need to do with it — if they’re somehow blocked from cleaning, analyzing, or presenting it clearly — you aren’t data-driven.

Cailin Radcliffe
Cailin Radcliffe

VP of Revenue Operations, Berkshire Grey