Single Source of Truth is Dead

Everyone believes the single source of truth should exist, but no one has been able to make this a reality. This research explores why – and whether there is a new way forward.
In this Syncari + Pavilion research report, you’ll learn:
▹ Why companies struggle to create an SSoT
▹ Why distributed truth is a better approach
▹ How Outreach and Sendoso solved this

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Aligned data drives 36% more revenue growth

Align Your Business Through Distributed Truth

SSoT is Dead ebook cover
  • Why an SSoT is no longer practical
  • How to more effectively manage disparate data
  • What data obstacles impeded Go-to-Market aligmnent
  • How to ensure data quality, integrity and alignment with distributed truth
  • What happens when you provide everyone access to the trusted data they need, automatically

Companies that align people, process, data and technology experience 36%+ revenue growth and ~28% profitability.”

Nancy Maluso headshot
Nancy Maluso

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester