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Customer data platforms (CDPs) collect data from both online and offline sources, then standardize and compile that data to create customer profiles. 

Naturally, internal teams can work with customer profile data more easily when it’s well organized.

So whether an internal team works in sales, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, or something else, data must be categorized, accurate, and easy to access.

Why? That’s because RevOps teams can build better campaigns and enhance customer experiences — both of which improve loyalty and profits down the road. 

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What is a CDP?

To make matters crystal clear, CDP is a tech solution that helps businesses collect, organize, and unify customer data from various sources. When data is unified, RevOps can create a comprehensive and unified view of their customers. CDP examples such as Syncari and Optimove can be seen in the top CDP vendors for B2B, or CDP pour le B2B. demonstrating their efficacy in the B2B environment.

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What are the CDP types?

The CDP market has evolved over the years. And each CDP type has its own unique capabilities. 

Let’s look at the different types and what they offer.

Data-only CDPs 

Data-only CDPs are often referred to as stand-alone CDPs. They have the core components of standard CDPs in terms of features they must have. 

This CDP type enables companies to collect data from multiple sources and provide a full, well-rounded view of their customers. A data-only CDP also allows teams to segment data to improve targeting for marketing campaigns. What’s more, it can connect the systems marketers currently have in place, then leverage the data in those systems. 

Data-only CDPs are incredibly useful for marketers who want a range of accessible marketing solutions as well as an individualized view of their customers. They can quickly collect data, and data can exist outside silos. And marketers can still gather data from both offline and online sources without manual entry. 

Additionally, stand-alone CDPs can retain all the data they receive and ingest from customers. 

Data and analytics CDPs 

CDPs that include more advanced analytics take data-only CDPs one step further. 

Data and analytics CDPs offer grander visualization features for data, as well as reports that are pre-built. These combined help marketers analyze all on-hand data. They also help users better understand customer patterns and behaviors. 

In addition, advanced data visuals help marketers share their thoughts with team members within a range of departments. These departments (e.g., sales, customer success, product) can then use customer profile data to help within their roles.

Data and analytics CDPs also offer predictive features that alert marketers of urgent matters. Marketers can automatically monitor changes in customer preferences and input updated data. 

Data, analytics, and engagement CDPs 

These CDPs allow users to automate their marketing campaigns and deliver tailored messaging through various channels. Users can also respond to customer preference changes in real time. 

As the name suggests, data, analytics, and engagement CDPs combine customer experience optimization, analytics, and marketing automation. By doing so, they help marketers personalize campaigns per customer based on previous interactions and predicted behaviors. 

For example, this CDP type allows users to personalize their banner and display ads with certain recommendations. RevOps marketers can also generate real-time messages to align the behaviors of customers spanning their site or platform journey from start to finish. Those real-life, quiet “getaway” aspects detect ongoing activities to influence purchase intent. 

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Keep reading to discover the top 10 CDPs to help your business reach its goals. 

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1. Syncari 

Overall, Syncari is the most well-rounded B2B CDP. It’s not a CDP in the traditional sense, but it’s a tool for unifying customer data.

If you’re in B2B and you need to keep contacts, accounts, opportunities and many other standard and custom objects in sync across CRM, MAP, sales, CS, product tracking and finance tools, Syncari is your best bet.

That’s because it’s the first tool built with patented multi-directional sync, giving you the ability to rapidly unify your customer data strategy. This means a cohesive customer experience, happier Go-To-Market teams, and a lot less overhead.

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2. Segment

If you want to personalize your customer journeys, Segment might be the most suitable platform for your business. 

Segment provides companies with the foundation they need to support customer data, putting their best interest at the core of decisions. Using Segment, companies can receive, unify, and aim customer data into any system they want it stored in. This allows companies to have a more thorough understanding of their customers and create smooth, engaging, real-time experiences. 

Thousands of companies — including Intuit and Instacart — use Segment to make time-sensitive decisions, fuel growth, and deliver high-quality customer experiences. 

3. Emarsys

Currently an SAP company, Emarsys, is a customer engagement platform that empowers digital marketers and business owners. Thanks to its omnichannel capabilities, it’s built to speed outcomes. 

Emarsys quickly aligns customer engagement strategies with business results, letting B2Bs accelerate time to value. It also offers superior one-on-one experiences and produces measurable results. 

Thousands of leading brands use Emarsys because they trust it to deliver both predictable and revenue-generating outcomes. It also produces the highly personalized experiences that their clients and customers deserve. 

4. Optimove

If your business needs predictive segmentation, check out Optimove. 

In a world where most customers buy from a brand only once and high growth comes primarily from returning customers, you need next-level retention. 

Doing CRM marketing with Optimove allows hundreds of brands to achieve sustainable, customer-driven growth. You can scale your personalization with its AI and move away from manual, rule-based journey mapping — across any channel.

Brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Entain, Papa John’s, Penn National, and Staples use Optimove. 

5. Klaviyo

Sophisticated brands rely on Klaviyo to supercharge their growth. 

Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform that helps RevOps deliver personalized experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web. 

Brands have made billions in revenue through Klaviyo in the past year alone. This is the result of creating deeper, higher-value customer relationships.

6. Planhat

Planhat is a CDP designed to give insights, manage workflows, and drive positive customer experiences. 

It also supports hundreds of modern, global tech companies by offering customer-centric business insights. And that’s what drives customer success and customer lifetime value. 

So whether you primarily work with CSM, the C-suite, or something else, you can unify your customer data and set goals that enhance the customer journey. For starters, you can consider playbooks, automation, and collaboration. 

7. Amperity

Amperity is a CDP designed for marketing, analytics, and IT leaders. The platform helps transform customer data into fuel for growth and trust. 

In fact, it helps many of the world’s most popular brands make smart decisions and deliver personalized customer experiences. It does so in three ways:

  • Unifying scattered data into customer profiles
  • Offering strategic insights and segmentation tools
  • Making data accessible business-wide for elevated service

Amperity offers a patented solution with enterprise-grade speed, scale, and security. And in this new e-commerce era, being “good enough” doesn’t cut it concerning business health or consumer experiences. Customers expect businesses to respect their transaction data and to use it to better inform their future buying experiences.

8. Bloomreach

The commerce experience cloud, Bloomreach, supports brands in delivering customer journeys that are highly personalized. Several products and features including search driven by AI, headless CMS, marketing automation tools, discovery, engagement, and CDP tools.

When these tools are used together, they unify both customer and product data, which drives revenue. Bloomreach serves hundreds of brands spanning the globe including Albertsons, Puma, and Bosch.

9. Insider

Insider is a platform for individualized, cross-channel experiences. It lets enterprise marketers connect customer data across numerous channels and predict customer behavior via AI tools. These tools can also create individualized customer experiences. 

RevOps marketers use Insider to deliver high-quality customer experiences on channels such as web, web push, apps, SMS, messaging, email, and ads.

10. Action IQ

Action IQ brings order to customer experience chaos. 

Its customer experience hub empowers teams to explore and act on customer data. Action IQ concurrently helps technical teams extend and enhance existing investment, ranging from using new tech systems to managing data governance to improving costs and performance measures. 

Enterprises such as Autodesk, M&T Bank, The New York Times, Neiman Marcus, and Hertz use Action IQ’s CX Hub to drive growth through more fulfilling customer experiences.

More CDPs to consider

Do you feel like you still haven’t found the CDP you need? Check out these other top CDPs: 

  • Hightouch
  • Totango
  • Simon Data
  • Census
  • Treasure Data 
  • Blueshift
  • Catalyst
  • Tealium AudienceStream 
  • Listrak
  • SALESmanago
  • Xtremepush
  • Ometria
  • RudderStack
  • Lexer
  • Zeotap 
  • Openprise
  • RedEye
  • Omeda
  • Dotdigital
  • Ortto
  • mParticle
  • FirstHive


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Use Syncari as your go-to CDP

If you’re ready to rely on a top-rated, patent-owned CDP, contact Syncari. 

We offer dozens of single synapse and tool-pairing integrations that streamline your workflow automation. 

To get started, sign up for a free 30-day trial or request a custom Syncari demo today.

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