The Single Source of Truth has breathed its last

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You would think that by now, the “Single Source of Truth” would be here already. At this point in the history of SaaS, there should be a beautifully streamlined process that makes a single warehouse of integrated information easily accessible, meeting the critical needs of teams across your business.  But the reality is your data remains in silos that live between mission-critical business systems, and the tools your sales, marketing, and customer success teams use every day. On top of that, these silos are not communicating with each other, which creates process gaps and revenue misses.

The End of the “Single Source of Truth”

Fast-growing companies have data alignment and standardization problems. MAP, SE, and CS tools all have information that differs from your CRM, which creates a heavy lift on RevOps teams who spend a great deal of time manually cleaning, moving, and creating data.  There are plenty of iPaaS and reverse ETL tools that promise to move the data back and forth, but all they do is create another layer of complexity for you and your admins.

You are facing business systems that don’t talk to each other, lack of flexibility in data governance, data inaccessibility, misaligned business logic, and inconsistent data maintenance – that’s a lot to solve. “Single Source of Truth” initiatives, designed to transform one system or database into the place with the most complete data, are plagued by these issues to the point that they are almost never successful.

So let’s face it: the Single Source of Truth is dead.

The Way Forward

We decided to partner with Pavilion to bring an optimistic perspective: there is a way to align, analyze and activate data across your GTM tech stack.  We’re calling this Distributed Truth – a solution that tracks and aggregates data from multiple systems across the business and maintains data quality and accuracy within each connected system.

This is so important to the health of your business, we put the research and findings in an eBook. In it, you’ll also find significant subject matter expertise from revenue leaders and RevOps teams that are experiencing the long-awaited solve to all their data challenges:

Jim Lee, VP of Revenue Strategy at Outreach is a leader in revenue excellence and operations. He oversees GTM Strategy and Planning, GTM Data Intelligence, and internal Outreach platform strategy. In our study he goes into detail about, “A data ecosystem where the data and information model can easily be translated across processes.”

Justin Fogel, Global Director of RevOps and Programs at Contensquare, has over a decade of success making significant contributions in sales process improvement and revenue expansion. He shares information about, “A strong data model that implements good governance.”

Tom Pae, VP of RevOps at Sendoso, believes in “making sure everyone has access to the same data set” in order “to provide excellent customer experiences in every interaction.” Tom has successfully scaled all functions of go-to-marketing teams by analyzing metrics, refining and optimizing processes, forecasting top-line revenue, and implementing and enabling tech stack adoption. 

Be the first to turn from Single Source of Truth and embrace Distributed Truth. This eBook exposes the new bar for data excellence in and gives insight into the fundamental tools RevOps teams need to succeed. You’ll want to read it before your competition has a chance to. 

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