How to Test and Preview Data with Syncari's Test Pipelines

I don’t know what’s going to happen when I publish this, but let’s do it anyways!
– Said no effective professional, ever.

And yet, far too often, that’s the choice you’re given.  Whether you’re building a process in APEX or creating a simple integration between two systems, the only way to confirm something works as intended is to push it live and hope nothing breaks.  If only there was a better way…

Syncari is already helping operations pros unify data across systems and eliminate manual, error-prone data clean-up and management through codeless automation.  Today, I’m excited to introduce new platform capabilities designed to help Syncari users confirm their automations are working exactly as planned before publishing them live.

Our new testing and data preview capabilities, accessible through Sync Studio, are designed to be simple and extensible.  You start by creating individual tests on a specific pipelines—like a SalesForce data pipeline—and then grow those tests into a suite as you configure your automation to deal with the variety of records that will flow through it. Tests also work with both simulated and live data, giving you complete quality control at every step in the automation design/build process.  Read on for full details, and watch this short video to see these exciting new capabilities in action.

 Improve pipeline quality and coverage by testing with simulated data:

  • Create sample data and test your logic as you build your automation pipelines
  • Create a variety of sample records that accurately represent your diverse data
  • Expand your automation coverage to handle real-world scenarios
  • Confirm the various branches of your data pipelines are working as intended

For example, when creating a phone number normalization and enrichment pipeline – you can create a test suite to see what happens when the phone number is blank, when it contains a value you don’t want (e.g 333-3333), and how your pipeline handles US vs. International formatting.  Test-driven design ensures higher quality output!

Syncari Product Test Pipelines

Instantly preview results of your automation across systems:

  • Get a side-by-side comparison of data before and after it runs through your pipeline
  • View source and destination data for every connected system
  • Don’t pollute end systems with test data, preview results directly in Syncari

For example, if you want to distribute a refreshed account record across your Sales, Marketing and Finance systems of record, you can navigate through the various destinations to confirm data will appear in the right fields and with the right formatting.


Confirm functionality with controlled testing on live data:

  • Test isolated live records by ID or set of records by time range
  • Identify and resolve any authentication or networking errors
  • Confirm results directly within destinations

For example, before you publish your lead to account matching automation, you can identify a specific record to test (we recommend creating a dummy record to start).  Then run it through your automation to confirm the lead is converted to a contact and assigned to a matched account as you expected.  Then, try a record that doesn’t have an existing account and confirm a new account is created.  Finally, try on all records that came in yesterday to confirm your pipelines can handle variety before publishing it live.


Combined, these testing and data preview capabilities provide the confidence boost operators need to restore and maintain trust in data across every system.  We look forward to hearing what you think!

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