How to Connect Your Zoho CRM to Snowflake

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Unify Customer Data Better with Syncari

Tracking customer journeys is one of the most effective ways of acquiring insight into your audience’s behavior. Information regarding what drives more conversions and the marketing channels that bring the most traffic can help you allocate company resources efficiently.

Tools like Zoho CRM enable you to keep track of customer actions and gather data based on specific customer actions. eCommerce businesses replicate and transfer data from CRMs and marketing tools to cloud databases such as Snowflake for easier reporting and analysis.

Learn how to connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake for increased customer insights with unified data using our recommended integration platform, Syncari.

How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake?

Zoho is a CRM software company that enables B2B businesses to maintain consistent business relationships with their stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, etc.

On the other hand, Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that provides organizations with a scalable solution for reliable data acquisition and SQL-based analytics.

Connecting Zoho CRM with the Snowflake database is a crucial method of acquiring insights on raw data through visualizations and dashboards. GTM teams create API (application programming interface) requests to create ETL integration pipelines.

You can navigate the Zoho CRM API documentation to access API resources and learn their schema definitions.

Here is how to create an integration pipeline using Zoho CRM’s REST API:

  1. Follow the Zoho CRM API documentation.
  2. Make an API request.
  3. Use the API request to create a data integration pipeline.

A few key elements to consider when using Zoho CRM’s API are the OAuth2.0 protocol authentication, the API endpoints for the analytics you need, and the method and URL required for the API endpoint.

To make an API call, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Read the Zoho CRM API documentation.
  2. Locate and record the credentials required for authentication.
  3. Select the API endpoint you want to extract data from.
  4. Configure the necessary parameters, method, and URL to make a request.
  5. Add credentials to make an API call. For example:

How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflakesource

Making a call to the Zoho CRM API for a custom ETL pipeline to load data into Snowflake is only the beginning. Maintaining a custom data pipeline involves defining schemas for every endpoint, handling code dependencies, managing the rate limits of the server, and much more.

If you’re looking for the optimal solution on how to connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake without the hassle of manual configuration, look no further than Syncari’s pre-built Synapses and our Embed platform.

Zoho CRM and Syncari

Before learning how to connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake, let’s look at how Syncari offers solutions to transfer data from the individual tools and unify them on a centralized platform using Synapses (integrations).

Syncari offers Synapses for Zoho CRM integration through the Sync Studio platform for users to map data from Zoho objects to Syncari entities, after which our platform will automatically sync and unify Zoho CRM data with other systems you choose to connect it with.

Synchronization includes schema and mapping from Zoho with Syncari’s schema during every sync cycle. Zoho CRM Synapse allows all standard and custom objects and fields for synchronization.

Sync Studio automatically detects custom fields on Zoho objects and makes them available for pipelines. Deleted custom fields are also detected automatically and marked as removed on Syncari so they no longer participate in synchronization.

Our powerful Sync Studio deduplicates and merges logic while maintaining high-quality unified after you integrate Zoho CRM regardless of the number of data sources in a stateful way.

Snowflake and Syncari

Like Zoho CRM, the Snowflake Synapse syncs data between the Snowflake schema and Syncari entities. Users can map Snowflake tables on these entities, which can be controlled at an individual level to turn off synchronization for a single entity or at a field level.

Although the standard use case is to sync data from Syncari with Snowflake as a destination, Snowflake can be used as a source for Syncari to extract data, computed aggregates, and insights.

For an alternate no-code method to connect Zoho CRM and Snowflake that business users can use seamlessly with a few clicks, you can rely on Syncari Embed to automate the data transformation and synchronization processes.

Syncari Embed: The Ultimate Solution to Unify Your Data

How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake

Syncari is a no-code cloud-based data automation and management platform focusing on synchronization and data unification for enterprise-level businesses to gain complete end-to-end visibility. Syncari integrates data from Zoho CRM and Snowflake on a centralized platform.

Syncari allows you to forego the manual effort required to code and maintain data integration pipelines by automating transformation processes between data sources, applications, and systems.

We offer Syncari Embed to provide embedded integrations between your products and the applications used by your customers to help create a data ecosystem for your product and make aligning customer data easier.

It is an all-in-one solution to enhance data quality, integrate SaaS products with customer tech stacks, and create insightful reports. If you’re wondering how to connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake, Syncari Embed helps you achieve that using these features:

1.Syncari’s connectors are built on modern microservice architectures that allow you to define connectors based on the exact need of a particular connector for better scalability and flexibility compared to iPaaS tools.

Our connectors are built using modern API technologies that improve data interoperability and compatibility with other systems. Syncari can integrate with various systems and cloud-based platforms such as Zoho CRM and Snowflake.

Syncari Synapses dedupes and manages data across multiple systems. Our Synapses are built to understand data and schema so your customer stack looks and behaves the same way.

How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake

2.Syncari Embed hosts powerful bidirectional synchronization capabilities to align your product application with customer systems. Syncari is the only option for multidirectional sync with our patented stateful sync.

Stateful sync integrates CRMs, PRMs, and ABM to marketing automation tools or connecting marketing automation platforms (MAP) to customer service tools or CRMs simultaneously.

How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake

Stateful sync is a no-code solution to unify data across disparate data sources in your CRMs and data warehouses by updating changes across all systems in your organization to prevent data silos and grant end-to-end visibility.

With stateful sync, you can manage deletions, perform universal dedupe and merge programs, and gain control of data authority by eliminating duplicate and erroneous data.

A hub-and-spoke approach to managing data is powered by our unified data model, where Syncari manages cross-system transformations for connected Synapses, regardless of how many simultaneous changes you make.

3.Syncari is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for business users and IT professionals. You can create data pipelines using the drag-and-drop feature and use a no-SQL analytics engine to acquire metrics and visualizations for data across all systems.

Syncari Embed gives you access to Syncari Platform APIs that you can use to create and activate Synapses, update data pipelines, retrieve metadata, and update datasets with code.

You can choose to sync using pre-built Synapses or deeply connect to applications, including your product app, with our software development kit (SDK), where our data experts can assist you in achieving your data transformation requirements.

How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake

4.You can go beyond relying on Zoho CRM and Snowflake for data integrations alone and establish a particular system as the “source of truth” with Syncari to enable your GTM teams to work with consolidated data across the organization.

We provide built-in data governance, not bolted-on, and a robust master data management strategy to help streamline your workflows and achieve optimal customer satisfaction.


Syncari offers a transparent pricing plan to unify your CRMs and MAPs. Contact our team for a flexible pricing plan based on your business requirements. You can also try our features risk-free with a 30-day free trial or book a demo to see how Syncari grants complete data visibility.

Starter Growth Enterprise
$2995/ month3 Synapses

300,000 records

Unified data model

Customer data hub

Universal IDs and data stitching

Visual field mapping

No-code functions and actions

Centralized enrichment

Global deduplication

Enterprise data dictionary

Reference data sets

Data Authority

Data lineage

Imported file sync and management

Batch processing

Data Fitness Index

Data Activation:

Templatized workflows

Sums, aggregations, and roll-ups

Look-ups and filters

Slack Block Kit support

Custom actions

$4995/ monthUnlimited Synapses

Upto 1 million records

Everything in Starter and:

Complete Synapse Library Access

Syncari Software Development Kit (SDK)

SSO Support

Get a QuoteUnlimited Synapses

Millions of records

Everything in Growth and:

Support for billions of records

Sandbox environments

Multiple instance management

Custom pricing


How to Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake

Learning how to connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake is essential to derive insights from data on disparate sources to derive analytics that can help you make informed business decisions.

For companies with limited resources and IT expertise, using an embedded integration platform over manually coding APIs for data transformation pipelines can simplify data unification and provide end-to-end visibility with intelligent connectors, automation, and data management.

Syncari’s multidirectional stateful sync ensures you have consistently accurate data whenever needed by updating your data sources in real time. An intuitive interface, no-SQL analytics, and drag-and-drop features make Syncari the perfect choice for business users.

Contact Syncari’s team to receive a customized pricing plan based on your company’s data requirements. You can also try our features risk-free with a 30-day free trial or book a demo to revolutionize your data acquisition strategies with Syncari today!

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