Coffee with Customers Ep. 4: Demostack and Customer 360

Our fourth episode of Coffee with Customers features Eric Portugal Welsh, Director of Revenue Operations at Demostack. Eric unified Jira and Salesforce to create a distributed Customer 360 across sales, customer success and product development.

Demostack is not unique in that it relies on Jira for product and engineering management, and Salesforce for go-to-market programs. And like many companies investing in RevOps today, the Demostack team saw the need for creating a strong link between product development and real customer feedback. They also see an opportunity to bring product usage data (BigQuery) into the hands of sales and customer success teams.

Feature requests and feedback are vital to Demostack’s customer acquisition efforts. This is because, with such a customizable platform (for creating custom demos), new customers often drive new feature requests for the product team via the sales team.

Demostack Syncari Demo

Learn how Demostack solved the need to track issues, feature requests and statuses, used transaction logs to identify process gaps, created bi-directional sync between Jira Issues and Salesforce cases, and more.

Eric discusses how he is using Syncari to unify data across Salesforce, Jira and soon BigQuery to provide a complete single view of Demostack customers to every member of the Go-To-Market team — helping Demostack more quickly identify gaps and improve customer experiences.

Chapters include:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:20 Siloed communications between Salesforce and Jira
    • 02:20 Why Demostack needed a future-proof solutions
    • 03:25 Need to track issues, feature requests and status updates
    • 05:00 Value of Jira and Salesforce being in sync
    • 06:10 At Demostack, every team is plays a role in Sales and CX
  • 06:54 Walkthrough of Demostack’s Syncari instance
    • 07:15 Connecting multiple Jira projects to Salesforce
    • 08:05 Bi-directional sync of Jira Issues and Salesforce cases
    • 10:30 Salesforce data governance and Jira data authority
    • 12:00 The power of having Syncari as your source of truth
    • 12:45 How Syncari provides unprecedented visibility
    • 14:20 Using transaction logs to identify process gaps
    • 15:00 Why RevOps pros should look for auditable solutions
  • 16:51 The future – syncing BigQuery and Mixpanel into Salesforce
  • 18:34 Why Salesforce can’t be our SSoT
  • 19:55 Avoiding decision paralysis by keeping people in the systems where they work
  • 20:50 Why Demostack didn’t go with the native Jira to Salesforce integration
  • 21:45 The power of having all your data needs in one platform
  • 22:10 Why RevOps should avoid solutions that just do one thing

Or watch the full video:

You can also read the full Demostack case study.

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