Sales Ops

Improved BI Data for Sales Operations

For sales, time is money. Stitching together point solutions, managing bad data, and fixing redundant processes slows you down and ultimately hurts your business. Unify, transform, and automate your data with an easy-to-use platform your whole team will love.

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Unlock sales productivity

Empower your sellers with clean, complete data everywhere

Optimize your sales process end-to-end

When you have data that’s accurate and available, you get higher connect rates, more pipeline, and more motivated sellers.

Easy to implement and manage

Forget about months-long implementations. With Syncari, you can connect your CRM with your ERP, MA, product analytics, and data warehousing tools right away.


Process optimization

Build automated workflows across the entire lead lifecycle. As each lead comes in, Syncari can automatically enrich, normalize, merge, dedupe, convert and route leads with the out-of-the box synapses and templates for every system.

Automated account-based marketing

Dedupe leads based on your required logic, from standard fields like email to custom logic like account geography. Enforce winning record criteria with field-level controls for what stays and what goes.


Lead routing

Implement any routing strategy — round robin, territory-based, account-based — using a simple interface and step-by-step guides to build, track, and update complex routing flows in near-real-time.